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this will be my first year on DA, so I thought of featuring my friends as a present for them ^^ I'll feature them in alphabet order.
now look at thier amazing works ^^

:icon1001g: 1001G
:thumb92900949: :thumb92812909: :thumb83940376:

:icon24167170: 24167170
A44+ by 24167170 Bubble View by 24167170 Hoopla by 24167170

:icon4biddendonut: 4biddendonut
Angels death by 4biddendonut Peyote desert by 4biddendonut Cold mountain tops by 4biddendonut

:icon4blacky: 4blacky
red rain. by 4blacky pain by 4blacky stars. by 4blacky

:icon1uno: :den1uno:
Cyan Vision: Swan by 1uno Dreaming Of Childhood by 1uno King of the Mountain II by 1uno

:iconalexiuss: alexiuss
Grind Necrosis by alexiuss Catatonic Atrocity by alexiuss Deliverance of amity by alexiuss

:iconanic-elenia: Anic-elenia
Gadgetinis human-New.ver by Anic-elenia It can't be... by Anic-elenia Gadget and Gadgetinis. by Anic-elenia

:iconabaddon667: Abaddon667

:iconsergiocatarino: SergioCatarino
Bye Spring by SergioCatarino Sol Escaldante by SergioCatarino

:iconagus-santoni: agus-santoni
Angel of Purity by agus-santoni Sailor Sunshine Hope by agus-santoni Mermaids under the sea by agus-santoni

:iconalajna: alajna
Under the stars by alajna ryj w torcie by alajna Too much cookies by alajna

:iconaleph-: Aleph-
Glass Armour by Aleph-

:iconalexc86: AlexC86
See you on the other side by AlexC86 :thumb52195382: Everyday's cracks by AlexC86

:iconalovernotafighter alovernotafighter
:thumb87386493: :thumb89349404: :thumb84984140:

:iconandre-supersampler: andre-supersampler
Lomo LCA effects C-41 by andre-supersampler :thumb83839424: born to shine by andre-supersampler

:iconangel-fall: AngeL-FaLL
White AngeL by AngeL-FaLL Samurai AngeL by AngeL-FaLL Angel of Death by AngeL-FaLL

:iconangel-may-fall: Angel-May-Fall
:thumb92658512: :thumb89551679: :thumb89551178:

:iconangel-of-arkansas: angel-of-arkansas
OMFG by angel-of-arkansas Dancing Dreams by angel-of-arkansas Kenshin's War by angel-of-arkansas

:iconangels-fury: Angels-Fury
Verdant Orb by Angels-Fury Safari I by Angels-Fury Safari III by Angels-Fury

:iconanrietaaa: Anrietaaa
Inside the Sea by Anrietaaa Autumn Parody by Anrietaaa The Love by Anrietaaa

:iconarcanvm: Arcanvm
:thumb69636848: :thumb68509587: Refugio n.1 by Arcanvm

:iconarkhangelofdarkness: ArkhangelOfDarkness
Los mutantes by ArkhangelOfDarkness menasor by ArkhangelOfDarkness pen astrotrain by ArkhangelOfDarkness

:iconartyarta: artyarta
:thumb87748169: :thumb67697766: :thumb65579965:

:iconastouffersart: aStouffersArt
:thumb64337546: :thumb78117769: :thumb68828842:

:iconasukari: Asukari
:thumb89285102: :thumb74003040: :thumb69825969:

:iconaxelalloy: axelalloy
:thumb90523743: :thumb87469390: :thumb81515435:

:iconaelena: Aelena
Sagres by Aelena eMOTIVe by Aelena The Magic Sound Of The Forest by Aelena

:iconalija: Alija
Lu by Alija Aristel by Alija Our Prideland by Alija

:iconallstarr: allstarr
Syntesis by allstarr Schallwerk by allstarr splash series by allstarr

:iconaugustanna: AugustAnna
Ragnarok Online: Garm by AugustAnna

Mature Content

Vision by AugustAnna
'Hatching Magic' Book Cover by AugustAnna

:iconasis122: Asis122
Sun by Asis122 green lioness by Asis122 Love by Asis122

:iconanelacat: AnelaCat
Tysio6 by AnelaCat Tysio4 by AnelaCat Mufcia2 by AnelaCat

:iconanimeboy9994: animeboy9994
Character: Kiori by animeboy9994 NEW TABLET by animeboy9994 Update on the GIMP by animeboy9994

:iconartrias: artrias
Naruto by artrias D.N.Angel by artrias Bang Artwork Project by artrias
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artyarta's avatar
Oh wowww thank youuuu!! :glomp: D
ArkhangelOfDarkness's avatar
Wow... I feel some important. Thankz, and I'm sorry abbout I was out of line...
Greetings, Iwona.
One big kiss
Vitani014's avatar
Fajny pomysł. :)
LadyFromEast's avatar
Abaddon667's avatar
O! jak miło :*:)
WolfenAmphithere's avatar
Alphabetical order 0_o That'll take awhile XD
LadyFromEast's avatar
especially when I got a ton of new watchers in the meantime xDD
WolfenAmphithere's avatar
lol I'm gonna be almost at the bottom XD
alovernotafighter's avatar
Awww! yay! thankies hun:hug::smooch:
LadyFromEast's avatar
Alija's avatar
LadyFromEast's avatar
my pleasure ^^ dogadamy sie po polsku ^^
Alija's avatar
sorki, nie zerknęłam na kraj ^^; teraz mi głupio...
Ps. masz bardzo ciekawy styl rysowania. Taki zupełnie inny. Nieprzesłodzony, niedisneyowski. Tak trzymaj ;)
LadyFromEast's avatar
dziekuje bradzo ^^
artrias's avatar
I Feel Flattered Thank You :hug:
4biddendonut's avatar
Thank you for the feature :)
LadyFromEast's avatar
dragon-ryuu's avatar
LadyFromEast's avatar
you also will be featured ^^
dragon-ryuu's avatar
wow o.o
Thanks! :D :aww:
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