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Zootopia - Mayor Bellwether

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She was the second one I wanted to draw from Zootopia / Zootropolis, and I completely forgot her yesterday... I didn't wanted to draw any spoilers since many people haven't seen the movie, so I will only draw portraits (I'm a bit tired of compex scenes anyway lately...)
I liked how male and female sheeps looked different, so here are some body guards for her too :)

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The most adorable villain ever
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SlasH19872018Hobbyist Artist
Breaking B-A-A-A-A-D
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Mother-muggle, mother-ucker.
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I hope to god nobody who hasn't seen the movie sees this.
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CaliminkHobbyist Traditional Artist
So much attitude, just in the facial expressions. Marvelous!
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TyrranuxHobbyist Writer
Yeah as kinda expected as this was I still liked and appreciated where they went with this character in tandem with the movie's themes.....can't wait to see how Kingdom Hearts 3 takes a dump on it all. Oy vey....
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I love this, especially the shading and composition. You've done well.
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PhoenixKevHobbyist General Artist
I always wondered why the female Sheep have normal eyes and the male ones have realistic eyes xD
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FelisLupusHobbyist Traditional Artist
I heard it had something to do with puberty in males, plus at the beginning one of Judy's friends is a boy sheep with normal eyes.
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Well, I suppose it was a case of symbolism. By giving Doug and his minions their 'natural' eyes so to speak, it would speak volumes about just how distanced they really are from the other Zootopia citizens.
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FelisLupusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, other animals had natural looking eyes too. (Like that beaver reporter at the meeting.)
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Still, the difference is how they are used. Those rodent bankers for example would have those black beady eyes for the cuteness factor etc.
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Evertide Writer
"You're gonna have a baaa'd time."
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AncusmitisStudent Writer
I love how much menace you gave her :D
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I have used your artwork in a YouTube video about the film Zootopia, and I have linked it in my description. If you would like a link to the video I will provide it, but I did not want to spam my content in your comment section. -Gauche
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LadyFisziProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
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Hated this little bitch, not so much for her goals, but rather for how weak her plan and motivation were and just how weak as a character she was. What's the point of darting 14 predators into savage monsters, if they all ended up in a secret clinic ? What about unleashing them on the streets  ? Create an army out of them ? Nope, just dart them and leave them there.

Second, from how the movie portrays her, her motivation was rather dumb : the Mayor mistreats her, the mayor is a predator, all predator are bad. That's some backwards, overly simplistic thinking there. Don't like the job ? Then leave it already, you moronic ovine ! That way, you can spend your time BETTER working at your master plan.

Third, I'm sick as hell of these plot-twist villains. Because they are shoehorned in the last minute, because they're shallow and uninteresting, because their plans are all over the place, because they are not intimidating in the least, not even after the "BIIIIIG REVEAL", and simply because they're inept.

The only exception here being King Candy/Turbo. I love that guy, because we see his character evolving through the movie, because he's both goofy and bumbling, but shrewd, competent and heartless at the same time.

Hans sucked big time. Yokai/Callagahan wasn't even a real villain, so he's excused in a way too. But this stupid, stupid, stupid sheep........Urgggghhhhhh.

Anyway, nice drawing.
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
By the way, I thought you'd be interested in this article someone wrote. Let me assure you that you're not the only one who sees something flawed and wrong with how Bellwether was unfairly used. Even Mr. Enter does not like how she is too underdeveloped with not enough screen time and bigger reasons behind her plans that don't make her a real diabolical villain like others who are better at it than her. It sucks how some people just overlook these flaws and think just because she is small, cute, and whatever, that makes her more evil than the others, but it doesn't prove anything. And you're right, King Candy is the only true diabolical of the twist villains. And I uploaded the video by the Nostalgia Critic who also notices the change in these plot twist villains.…
Am I The Only Person That Actually Hates Zootopia?
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
You are so right about how she can never reach the same diabolical villainous level that Fire Lord Ozai and Kuvira have already proven to be, far more clever in their villainous plot and dictatorship than Bellwether ever could be. While I still love Bellwether, she doesn't fit that description of a true dictator as we know the real criminal masterminds would have all their plans planned out and start their reign of terror at a fast pace, which she of course had lacked.
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She is adorable you have to admit
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
She sure is. :)
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A lovely picture that, in my humble opinion, displays the duality of our fluffy little assistant mayor.  I really liked Bellwether and - all things aside - I find myself still liking her even after the reveal of her being the antagonist.  I'm reminded of something Stephen King once wrote about one of his characters (Peter's brother Thomas from "The Eyes of the Dragon"): "If you hate this person for the things they did and allowed to be done, then I understand...but if you do not pity them a little as well, I will be very surprised".

P.S.: Is it just me, or is Disney kind of going overboard with the whole "surprise antagonist" thing? Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, Frozen, and now Zootopia?  Got nothing against it, but when you shoehorn in a villain in perhaps the last half-hour or so, you miss out on a lot of time you could have spent developing their personality/motivation more.  Again, just my opinion, but I hope it's not turning into a trend. :P
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FelisLupusHobbyist Traditional Artist
I had this idea that explains her actions.
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