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General Woundwort lives - t-shirt

By LadyFiszi
Watership Down, General Woundwort. :)

The idea came from a badge I saw. I want to make a T-shirt of this :)
This image is also available in my webshop:… , as a t-shirt, poster, stickers etc.
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MP250 series
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Orcsattack's avatar
A real intimidating and badass picture! Excellent work!  

What's more, the sentence might actually be true. Know what I mean?
TerrorbirdRDX's avatar
He looks a little bit like Lord Darcia III from Wolf's Rain in terms of ferocity and megalomania, and they both share deformed eyes.
Kain66's avatar
Nothing's impossible for Woundwort.
Nothing can kill me.
Nothing in the air, or the woods.
Nothing in this world, or in the shadow land beyond!

And not man!
LadyFiszi's avatar
I really want to print this on a T-shirt some day :D
Kain66's avatar
That's be awesome!
TianNing's avatar
If Dick Cheney were a rabbit...
Astrogirl500's avatar
My favourite rabbit from watership down!Heart Heart 
LadyFiszi's avatar
I like his character too, he was so interestingly mad!
Astrogirl500's avatar
yes here the group :iconwarren-of-efrafa:
TheElvenJedi's avatar
I think this would make an excellent T-shirt :)
LadyFiszi's avatar
Thanks, I'm planning to make a T-shirt from this :D
Demi-Sev's avatar
I saw the movie, that was freakin bloody hardcore
Sketch-Shepherd's avatar
Hm. I guess he must have not had a blind eye in the book, am I right?
LadyFiszi's avatar
He had a blind eye only in the movie :) But it was creepy, I liked it :)
Theenchantedrunnaway's avatar
Hah, I totally would buy the T-shirt \o
FluffySpiderz's avatar
I want that T-shirt!
bread-bunny's avatar
I would wear it just to confuse my classmates. xD

Very nice artwork here!
LadyFiszi's avatar
Thanks! Heh, if I would be still in High School, I would also wear it to confuse them :D
ArchaicMosaic's avatar
I will buy this t-shirt!
PacificPikachu's avatar
Haaa, I think I'd buy that T-shirt!
25Carrot's avatar
I can see some of the more rebellious young rabbits wearing this around the warren to shock their elders!
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