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Watership down - Frith and Inle by LadyFiszi, visual art

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House of Dragons, Breaking Bad, The Boys
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Lordi, Rammstein
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Watership Down
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Stephen King, Terry Pratchett
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Skyrim, Five nights at Freddy's, American McGee's Alice / Alice: Madness Returns
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fantasy, horror, creepy creatures, photography, animals

The end?

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I'm probably won't be active in the FNAF fandom at all from now on. I was thinking about rewriting and continuing the controversial Fnaf fafic that started it all, but just thinking on it gives me anxiety attacks. I originally wanted to write it until PG dies (and those who accuse me of drawing killing children... I killed their killer a lot more than his victims). I'm not a groomer. I'm not a pedophile. I talked about the fanfic with young fans and allowed them to read it, which wasn't right. Some, like PhantomFoxy aka Freb00 was literally obsessed with me and sent me a lot of messages, and I sadly interacted with her a lot. I have no sexual interest in children though, it disgusts me that total strangers of the other end of the world think of me like that. I grew up as the eldest sister of 3 younger siblings and later two stepsiblings. I always had younger kids around and I got tired of them I guess, didn't want to have kids around as an adult. I'm only interested in guys older than
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