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200914 Snow Queen Stock Pack


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*MajesticArts CONTEST* Hello everyone ! MajesticARTS Team is pleased to announce the opening  of the contest,  with prizes and whose only limit will be your imagination and, from that, we know that everyone has great talent and creativity. So do not hesitate, this is your contest! On this occasion, we propose a new challenge, we hope that you like the theme which we have chosen for you. It  is "FAIRIES", a theme where magic and fantasy are mixed, we hope for your participation and that you surprise us with great creations. The administration of this group wants to thank all the members for the support of our competitions, without you none of this would be possible. CONTEST


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November Blues


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Lady O'Possum

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Art Stolen - VIDEO

Hi everyone :wave: I hope are you doing ok :huggle: Some months ago I noticed a person who like to stole our art from here, from Deviantart and post it on his account on instagram without giving the proper credit to the artists who make the art. He neither will give you the proper credits, If you tell him, he blocks you, he don't respect the art of any, so I decided to make this video before he blocks me, as he did yesterday. This person post it 2 of my images time ago. I followed that person for that reason but two days ago he did it again, stole my art and I get really upset because he lowed the quality spoil my work and post it on his instagram account, I told him (in my language, because he is from Argentine, like me, you will see on the video) that he never give me the proper credits and also tell him that it's not the first time he did, so, what He did? He blocked me, he delete my comments, but as I suspected he will do that, while I was writing him I was recording from


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200914 Snow Queen Stock Pack

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Closed Book (Pre-cut Stock)


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Sadness: Her lonely companion

She lay there on her bed silently, Deeply lost in some unknown thoughts. Whilst staring unblinkingly at the moonlight streaming in. "Was it going to be a magical night?" She wondered loudly in the silent beating of her heart. Yet a shudder she felt.... As of an old cruel friend knocking on the door. Her vacant eyes naught but an empty canvas of pain & sadness. Gathering the storms of her heart, Unleashing the flood like a hurricane of tears and sorrows. The old wounds trembling, ripping apart, And being casted back into life. She lay there..... Gasping painfully like a drownded person brought to surface. Birthing the pain li

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Last game in second semester HOW TO CREATE YOUR DRAGON! 3 examples of different methods: TASKyou should to create your dragon with the help one from this methods, this dragon can be any possible form, colour and type. Winner should create most interesting dragon from most original resources   If you will able to create dragon with christmas theme - feature and bonus from group! 1.    deadline is 20 nd of December.        All works for the vote should be submitted to the folder “HOW TO CREATE YOUR DRAGON”.2.     The winner will receive 500 :points: and a feature on group’s home page.         If you will able to create drag


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pm 3 full

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Laundry for a soul

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