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Finaly I got time to make a real photomanipulation, not the quick one, and I like the result so much! Hope you'll like it too :heart:

Thanks for the stocks to:
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My art is copyright, you may not use it for commercial purposes or edit. If you want to repost somewhere, don't forget to link to my profile :heart:


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Beautiful scene and work!!

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and here, the fishes are making the magical, mysterious atmosphere. Their "tails" are ghost-like. Somehow, I got the theory, that the fish may be possesed by the evil, but that is just a thought. There is no critique. Just a thought, I apologize if it is not what the art is about. Overall, I liked it the first moment i saw this few days ago :heart:
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Yes, you are right! The fish are posesssed :nod: Thank you! =)
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Wow, i got it right? Omg!! Is there any legend or story behind the events on this art or this is just a simple symbolism? 💙💜💛💚
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No, it's completely imagined by me =) I like the theme of ayakashi, such a wide field for creations :nod:
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Ohh, that's the thing. Btw, dear author, what language do you prefer to use? Is it okay if I write in English? I admit i left some small comments in Russian which I believe you've read previously, but the thing is I do not use Russian, my Russian lectureship is over, thus my Russian is not good. I am asking because I want to show 100% respect to You. Sorry i am late with my asking, i should have asked earlier. But do not think, please i showed no manners. I just forgot to ask because before i visited your profile and learned You are Russian, i just left comment in English. Sorry for such disturbance :/
If that is okay with You, let me know, please, which language you prefer to use: English or Russian. I will be so glad to hear the response.
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I'm totally fine with English, I think it's nice to use language that everyone understand =)
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it's beautiful and magical <3
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Its magical!!
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Stunningly beautiful!
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AMAZING Artimist - Happy / Cute / Amazing / wow 

so creative ...
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Thank you very much!:aww:
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I have no words (and this is a great rarity). I think I fell in love with your work. It's just amazing. Love Love Love Love 
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Thank you so much!!:blushes:
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