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September 24, 2021
Margaret, Obtenebration and Abyss Mysticism by LadyEv3
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Margaret, Obtenebration and Abyss Mysticism


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Here is the first picture and story of my discipline and arts series from my OC Margaret, a Kiasyd

Obtenebration/Abyss Mysticism
London, 1890

Margaret took a lit candle in her hands, with the calm of one who had done it many times. With her bare hand, she crushed it and extinguished it, taking in the pain, tightening her fist until it started bleeding. Quickly, a pitch black, burnt blood started dripping from her palm, undulating and extending in horrible tendrils .

As soon as it touched the ground, the blood, seemingly animated , started to shriek in pain, opening a portal to the abyss from which a small nocturne , a globe of shadow substance, emerged and started floating.

The blue lady then took an Obsidian knife and opened her other palm. Chanting softly, she flicked blood into the the nocturne. Hungry, the ball of abyss entered her wound, traveling into her veins and leaving them as black as the abyss itself. For half an hour, the kiasyd, in excruciating pain, did not moved or flinched, her face as immobile as marble. She was focused. She had nightmares to give to an enemy, and slowly , she started to feel the abyss itself empower her.

She even coated her dress in it, making it an unlikely armor of swirling darkness. She then looked at her own shadow, and jumped in it. She emerged from the abyss in a dark alley, her target right in front of her, feeding on a prey.

< Darling, I am afraid you weren’t able to protect your own abyss. Was it the hunger that blinded you, or perhaps was it a lack of talent? I thought the Lasombra were the true master of the abyss , or so you said..> she said to him , her voice almost singing in satisfaction .

The man turned around, a tentacle of shadow quickly emerging near the lady , who swiftly teleported into another shadow. All he could see now on her masked face was her grin, as six tentacles emerged from the ground and two from her sides, grappling the Lasombra by each limb. < Let me out !> shouted the man in a dominate attempt, who failed miserably.

< Dear , I am afraid you haven’t practiced enough for this, but on the opposite of you, I have more class than to try to publicly humiliate someone in a crowded ball, by spitting on a lineage and name, no, I am a well educated lady, I prefer that everyone knows I am the cause of your disappearance, but to leave a mystery on how it happened. Worry not, I am not going to diablerize you, your blood is way too weak for mine anyway, but instead, I am going to use you for my little alchemical experiments. There, maybe, will you finally be useful and worthy to stay on this world.. As my personal ingredient. Anyway, we both knew from the start, which one of us was superior. >
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Wow, intense picture and story! Thank You and congrats on the DD.

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MARGARET: "I bet your butt cheeks can't do THIS!"

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It’s true that it does looks to come from her bottom but it’s actually like fins on her hips !

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Okay I’m new here, I just commented, meant for another post below this one, I cannot delete 😭 Still amazing though

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Absolutely beautiful

Congrats on the feature LadyEv3! Been a follower for a while now and I'm happy you finaly got the recognition you deserve! Keep up the good work =D

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Aww thank you so much , I was so honored to be featured ❤️

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Congratulations on getting featured 😊

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Wow, Awesome work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

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Thank you so much 🖤

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