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Tenzin - Don't Bring My Mother into This!

One of my favorite lines of Tenzin's. ^^ Laughed hard at this. :D I love it how he turns red up his face like thermometer. XD Comment if you love Tenzin too! :D
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Heh heh. Yes. XD
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when you hire the guy who played J. Johna Jameson on Spider-man, you know he will be awesome
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loved that episode!!
Love him :) he acts like sokka sometimes XD
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it was after this quote that I started loving him XD he's my fave character, I just love watching him lose his cool!
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Hee hee. I know right?
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Hahaha, yea, that one is good. I remeber in the last one
Korra: You're the worst Chef of Police ever!
Tenzin: Calm down Korra, come on... *starts to walk away but turns his head to the Chef* But you are. The worst. Ever,
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I love that one too!
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when i first saw that i had to watch it over and over and over :D
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Hee hee. I couldn't rewind when I saw it first but I've rewatched that part a lot now lol.
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i love when his head turns purple in one of the episodes when he says, "Meelo no that is not a toilet! Oh dear..." i <3333333 tenzin!!!!
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I actually made a wallpaper for that part too. I laughed too hard at that line. XD
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i love tenzin so much!!!
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I'm gonna die from laughting.
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Heh heh I about die at that part every time. XD
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Haha!! I adore Tenzin <333
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Never bring up a grown man's mother during a talk.
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