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Dead Mistress

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(Update: Better english translate)

General Bio

Nombre de villana: Dead Mistress A.K.A. Miss Vicious

Nombre Real: Bella Bellini

Nacionalidad: Italiana/Mexicana

Ocupación: Asistente Personal

Edad: 25

Altura: 1.70m / 5,57 ft

Peso: 125 lb

Medidas: 34b-23-33

Color de cabello: Negro con rojo

Color de Ojos: Verde Esmeraldas

Raza: Humana/Maldita

Género: Femenino

Orientación Sexual: Heterosexual


Entrenamiento Ninja:

    ·         Pelea cuerpo a cuerpo: Entrenada desde infante por el Clan del Loto en diferentes artes marciales domina distintos estilos de pelea, es una combatiente experimentada que adapta su estilo de pelea según el rival al que enfrente.

    ·         Pelea con espadas: Domina el arte de la pelea con espada.

    ·         Maestra de las sombras: Experta en esconder su presencia y moverse sin ser detectada.

    ·         Arrojar Armas: En el combate a distancia su entrenamiento en el uso de kunais y shurikens evita quedar en desventaja gozando de una excelente puntería.

Aliada de la Muerte:

  • Mirada de Terror: Mirarla a los ojos provoca te hace experimentar en un segundo tus más grandes temores haciendo entrar en un estado de shock.
  • Inmortal: La muerte se rehusa a tomar su alma, lo que provoca que vuelva a la vida después de matarla.
  • Rejuvenecimiento: El asesinar personas rejuvenece su cuerpo y le da capacidades ligeramente superiores al ser humano normal. Más velocidad y fuerza.
  • Conoce el rostro de La Muerte: No importa el disfraz o forma que La Muerte tome cuando visita el plano humano, ella siempre la reconocerá al verla.


    ·         Cuerpo humano: Su cuerpo es susceptible a cualquier tipo de arma humana al no poseer ni una resistencia especial.

    ·         Cuerpo Impuro: Amuletos, objetos, tierra y demás cosas de índole sagrado piden evitar que se acerque o herirla gravemente.

A pesar de sus debilidades o de cualquier otra que se pueda encontrar, aun no se conoce método alguna para matarla definitivamente.



    ·         Se rumorea que ha muerto más de 20 veces.

    ·         Asesino a los padres de Scarlet Lotus frente a ella.

    ·         Los alimentos no tienen sabor para ella pero sigue necesitandolos.

    ·         No puede tener hijos.

    ·         Es pareja de Crusher.

    ·         Puede no morir, pero si siente todo tipo de dolor. 

  • Odia que le digan Miss Vicious.


General Bio

Villain Name: Dead Mistress a.k.a. Miss Vicious
Real Name: Bella Bellini
Nationality: Italian/Mexican 
Occupation: Personal Assistant
Age: 25
Height: 1.70m/5.57 ft
Weight: 125lb
Measurements: 34b-23-33
Hair Color: Black/Red
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Race: Human/Cursed
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Ninja Training:

  •      Melee Fighting: Trained from infancy by the Lotus Clan in various martial arts, she is a master of many different fighting styles, and is an experienced fighter who switches her fighting style to adapt to the opponent she faces.

  • Swordsmanship: Wielding a katana, her ability with a sword is flawless.

  • Master of Shadows: An expert at hiding her presence and moving undetected.

  • Marksmanship: Adept at ranged combat, trained in the use of kunai and shuriken, and an excellent shot regardless of disadvantageous conditions.

Ally of Death: 

Gaze of Terror: Looking into her eyes causes a person to experience their greatest fears for a second, potentially putting them into a state of shock.

Immortality: Since Death refuses to take her soul, she will constantly return to back to life after being killed.

Rejuvenation: When she murders people, it rejuvenates her body and gives her slightly heightened human capabilities (increased speed and strength).

Recognition of Death: No matter what shape or form that Death may take when he/she visits the human realm, she will always recognize him/her at first sight.


Human Body: Her body possesses no special resistances, and as such is still susceptible to any weapons or conditions.

Unholy Body: Amulets, objects, lands, and other sacred things either avoid her as she approaches or will seriously hurt her.

Despite these weaknesses or any others yet to be found, there is currently no known method to kill her permanently.



It is rumored that has died more than 20 times.

She murdered the parents of Scarlet Lotus in front of her.

Foods have no taste to her, but she still needs to eat them.

She cannot have children.

Is in a relationship with Crusher.

She cannot die, but still feels any kind of pain.

Hates to be called Miss Vicious.

Art by :icondrakeford: also know it like :icongreat-dude:

© DEAD MISTRESS  es my personaje y solo debe usarse con my permiso
© DEAD MISTRESS  is my character and should only be used with my permission

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Asi que miss vicious es inmortal...
Y pareja de crush?

Fascinante personaje... En serio...
Me gustó... Esta excelentemente bien hecho...
Please pardon me I don't understand
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Sorry.. i didn't want to reply your comment... But to reply to the original post...

My mistake...
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You can also check out Dead Mistress's power chart on the NHD…
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Excellent work.Clap 
She has amazing and fearsome skills. Her abilities looks like Wolverine's:) (Smile) .
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More less... she has a course and she cant die... Wolverines is a mutant ji ji
ronmarz1's avatar
Imagine Wolverine versus  Dead Mistress, I wonder who will be the winnerXD .
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Hard to tell... Wolverine has her healing factor.. Dead Mistre dont.
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You are right.
PS:In your sentence:the word (her) it's for females names and <his> it's for males names, for example:Wolverine has <his> healing factor and Dead Mistress has <her> other abilities.
Here, a translation website:[] you write that in your google and you will see. I hope that I have helped.:) (Smile) 

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That is one of my normal mistakes XD I know that rule but I usually writte about girls and I use a lot her so that is why some time  i forget about him or his
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why'd she kill lotus' parents?
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YarTavdhladleklwa's avatar
why was she jealous of lotus?
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Scarlet Lotus was a better warrior and assassin, she was always the favorite one in the Lotus Clan. She was gifted with powers and also she have a lovely family. Dead Mistress always was one place behind, she is orphan.
YarTavdhladleklwa's avatar

so she decided to take her revenge?
LadyDreamMaker's avatar
She decided make miserable the Scarlet Lotus´ life
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kick ass style and character chart!
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I glad like you! Thank you
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gorgeous pose and sweet detail
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quien necesita de superpoderes cuando eres un ninja? una ninja con melena rojinegra, ni más ni menos, eso eleva su genialosidad en un milochomil por ciento....
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