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Rank 3 Crested Oraclus adopt by LadyDistort Rank 3 Crested Oraclus adopt by LadyDistort
As some of you may know my sona Distort is one of my species the Oraclus which is a creation combining the dna of a large predatory bird called the Skrish and the dna of native dragons to a realm called Varlai. I am currently writing stories and a novel about this realm and its inhabitants but I thought it would be fun to let others get in on the action too. Later I will be opening up a website for this species and its realm for RP purposes and other silly and amusing things. So I have started opening up the species for adoptions and customs to help populate. These are cash only adoptables and those who win the auctions for each one I would like to actively participate with them. ( Rp's or art nothing too time consuming). Later this month I will also have an extensive species ref for those who are too afraid to ask me questions them selves.

I get a lot of questions about the meaning of the ranking system so heres a quick run down so you aren't too confused. 1st Rank are the strongest with the more dangerous abilities and are also the oldest. Rank 2 are the same age but abilities are weaker and not dangerous (healers random silly abilities etc). Rank 3 are all offspring of the 1st and second ranks. A more detailed rank description will be included in the ref later this month.

1: This is a Cash adoptable, $15

2: You cannot change their colors, gender, ranks, or species everything else is up to you. (Name, Personality, Abilities, Sizes (the smallest females are 20ft tall, smallest males are 25ft tall) You may recolor their collars and cuffs and also add any piercings or adornments you may want. You may also add more feathers to the crested subspecies, and give them feathered wings if you wish. You may also change their horn shape but please remember they have 2 sets of the same shaped horns, the lower set smaller than the top set.

3: Do not send me money for them until after I have confirmed you are the winner (these are posted numerous places). I don't do refunds if you don't pay attention to this rule.


Any questions about the species or upcoming events that would directly involve your new adopted Oraclus feel free to note me.
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August 5, 2013
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