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Map of Drak'Varlai by LadyDistort Map of Drak'Varlai by LadyDistort
Due to some confusion during rp time, I have decided to map out the major cities and important villages of Drak' Varlai (the place where all the going on's of the lyracs are happening)

The key names out the villages/cities/noteworthy places that are labeled with numbers.

1: Kerth: This is the village where Yrael, Belgaer, Intai, Yernel, Tika, Syla, Leon, and a few other lyracs call home and their place of origin.

2: Dal'Marin: Is the capital of Drak'Varlai. The Sol'Ukhai headquarters is located here and is the center of the economy for the entire country. It is nestled next to the mountains and is common place of all the sentient species to be seen visiting here at least once in a while.

3: Alcor Wood: Is the forest that is home to the goddess of life Asta and her rider Clariel. It is heavily protected by Asta's guards Stargnarl and other treekin. (You will not a green mound in the middle of the forest that is the location of Asta's home. Access is not permitted without being screened by Stargnarl or one of the other gaurds.)

4: The Black Forest: Is home to Orran the goddess of death and her mate Tretron. Many fear to step foot into the Black Forest and with good reason. Avoid if possible.

5: Kivaste: Is the capital of the Elven nation. Although there is no discrimination amongst races, the elves choose to stay where they are most comfortable.

6: Railquil: Is a large city on the plains of Amsha. It is said that the hands of the gods frequent the city and many of its inhabitants are proud warriors. Most take vows of honor in service to the hands in hopes they are privledged in the afterlife to return and become one of the hands themselves. The city is also know for the magnificent equines that are bred and trained there.

7: Nalva'K: Is a port city and supplies all of Drak'Varlai with fish. The markets are always bustling with life in this city and it is said to have one of the most spectacular views of the sunset in all of the lands. Most visitors to Drak'Varlai that arrive by sea are taken to Nalva'K first.

8: The Ruins of Mal'Ak: Mal'Ak was the sister city of Nalva'K but during the Scourge of Archeon the city fell and was destroyed during Archeon's defeat. Only the strongest stones still stand and they are pocked with destruction.

9: Shris: Is a small city but holds importance for anyone who wishes to travel to the lower half of the continent, due to the fact that travel there is only possible by ferry. It is also a middle point on the trade routes from Fira'Val to Dal'Marin.

10: Valan: Is another large village of lyracs, not much is know about this village at this time.

11: Dunes of Niris: According to the ancients the dunes used to be a thick and lush rainforest but were depleted and turned to dust. There is a nomadic tribe who calls its home near the plataeus in the middle of the desert, but they are secretive and little is known about them.

12: Fira'Val: is a large farming commonwealth. Most of the land around Fira'Val is communal farmlands where crops and livestock and other various goods are created.

13: Nock Shalla: is another farming commonwealth created by merchants and farmers who traveled seeking more land in which to purvey their goods.

14: The Frostlands: Are exactly what their name states.

Mind you there are lots of smaller towns and villages but these are the ones of importance.There are also mining towns etc but I didn't feel the need to note them. Hopefully this helps out the confusion on places in the rp. Also take note as to distance. A good reference is from Dal'Marin to Kerth it takes about 14 hours on foot. Keep this in mind when you are rping.
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Sielrok Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
you have an Rp?I never knew that!Nice map too!I just finished my new dragon!
ProtoSF Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
good to know
Brimmy18 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
ohmai 14 hours o.0 poor yrael XD awesome map it will help alot
Tretron Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
wooot looks awesome
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