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A Paladin Who Got His Head Stuck In A Barrel

The Personal And Dramatic Account of TERK OF FABHRACH A Paladin Who Got His Head Stuck In A Barrel Inspired by:           Our story begins with a bang – the bang of a fully-armored Paladin plunging off a roof and onto the cobblestone of some unsuspecting street. He flattened a stack of barrels in passing, causing a din that could not only wake the dead, but also frighten them right back into their graves.            A goblin of sorts peered over the lip of the roof, sneering down at the Paladin. He clapped his warty hands together.            “Terkey-lurkey is hurty-hurty!” the goblin cried. “Serves ya right,

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Universe and I - 1 - New Beginnings (part one)

            Thursday, January 01, 2015. 8:12 A.M.            (The link to part two is in the description.)            ‘I’ is the ninth letter in the English alphabet, and I consider it to be the most important. It is one of the few vowels we have, plus one of only two letters that can stand on its own in a given sentence. The other is ‘a’, but ‘a’ doesn’t demand to be capitalized so often as ‘I’.            ‘I’ was the first word in my beloved Magical Kingdom series. Meanwhile, in the Heroicits series, it was the first word in Sandra’s famed statement: “I wish

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