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(DeviantART ID) Our Adventure

By LadyDeliz
I am so proud of this picture, and IWouldSayMoreButIGottaRunToodles!

Wood Background:
Previous ID:

Artwork and characters (c) :iconladydeliz:

Wooden background (c) :icon3dericdesign:
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© 2013 - 2021 LadyDeliz
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Yay new ID! :D Nicely done background with all the papers! :aww:
LadyDeliz's avatar
Thanks! The papers were surprisingly easy. :)
1o11y9o9's avatar
Oh, that id.

Woah! Really?! Rayon's foot is really that other guy? No. Way. :O
LadyDeliz's avatar
Diacia's avatar
Heh heh, cute little chibis. And - ooh! Spoilers! :evillaugh:
I like it! :thumbsup:
LadyDeliz's avatar
Xovinx's avatar
I love the random page of spoilers. I can know laugh evilly while cackling, "I knew it! I knew I didn't trust him for a reason!" without actually having had anything spoilered for me. :)

Chibi Rayon and Eliz are really cute, too. Well done!
LadyDeliz's avatar
Chibis add a bonus 100 Cute to everything. :D
Azedarach's avatar
It's so CUTE Awwww! Wow, you did a really good job on the paper and stuff, how did you do that? :O So ADORABIBBLE! With companion charries and cuteness abound! :meow:
LadyDeliz's avatar
It was easy. I just drew some LINES and DOTS, and boom. Paper.
Azedarach's avatar
:ohnoes: Whoaaaa, really?
LadyDeliz's avatar
I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. :D
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