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Original Characters (WIP)


Draw This Again Meme - Nessah and Rayon

Deleted Scene from The Thing in the Woods


Deleted Scene from The Thing in the Woods

        Rayon landed, transformed into an orange tomcat. He tumbled into the leaf-litter, meowing loudly.        The witch plodded over. She stooped, seizing him by the scruff of the neck, and plucked him into the air. He hissed and swatted at her.         Nessah burst through the trees, sword out. The witch whirled.         “Careful!” she spat. “I have your friend!” she hefted Rayon into the air, for Nessah to see. “In fact, I may just keep him!”         “Er…” Nessah lowered his sword. “This has gone entirely off the rails.”         “Stay back!” the witch

The Thing in the Woods


The Thing in the Woods

            It was past midnight. Rayon Hunter tossed and turned in bed.            He threw back the covers, rising to a sitting position, one leg over the edge of the bed. He swept a glower around the dark bedroom, clenching a fistful of blanket.            The room was circular. The door was to the left of the bed. Across from it was a walk-in closet and master bath. The roof above was glass, revealing an inky night sky. Shadowy tree branches extended across it, spilling eerie shadows across the floor.            Rayon’s wife, Sara, was sleeping beside him. He glanced down at her.            “I’ll be back,”

The Cliche Story Meme


Guild Wars (Cover)



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Part 1/4 - Heroicits 10th


Meme: Before and After

FREE - Essential improvements MEME

The Cliche Story Meme: Blank Meme

Art Class Meme: Blank Meme


The Twisted Force - Mikey Loves to March

The Quest Meme: Blank Meme

Pirates for a Day OC Meme: Blank Meme

Minecraft Meme: Blank Meme

Snow Day Meme: Blank Meme

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