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Harley Quinn Evolution 2.0

I realized after I finished the first Harley Quinn Evolution that I really left out a lot of version of her, so here's the update!

From Left to right:
-Batman the Animated Series
-The Batman
-Arkham Asylum
-Arkham City
-Harley Quinn's Revenge
-Arkham Origins
-Arkham Knight
-Suicide Squad
-Suicide Squad... again
-New 52 Harley Quinn Issue 1
-Injustice Gods Among Us
-Injustice Gods Among us: Insurgency
-Assault on Arkham

My personal favourites design wise would be the original, The batman(awful series by the way), Arkham City, Insurgency and Assault on Arkham
Personality wise would be: The original, Arkham Asylum, All of the new 52 and Assault on Arkham

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What seriously ? Was not expecting so many lol
It would be great if you could do one where you add the Injustice 2 version of Harley Quinn. That is by far, in my honest opinion, the best version of her. Both design wise and personality wise. NetherRealm Studios outdid themselves with the Injustice 2 version of Harley Quinn.
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Yeah maybe one day I'll tackle this idea again
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Don’t forget Injustice 2 Harley
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Love the Arkham Knight and Classic BTAS outfits.
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Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it :D
DAShockwave's avatar
3 years later injustice 2 happens :P
LadyDeadQuinn's avatar
Ugh I know, so many updates
MonsterGaga1054's avatar
Too many beautiful Harley Quinn's :D
Blockyblob's avatar
i think you missed one
BelugaTranz3333's avatar
There are New ones now, lide Suicide squad movie 2016 and Ame-comi
LadyDeadQuinn's avatar
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The batman  is not an awful series
Cinemutt14's avatar
Awesome!! I luv all of them but I prefer da original Harley(da first one)
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You got every teeny tiny detail right. From the hair to the boots.
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There is the version of Harley Quinn from Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Look her up!
TJUC123's avatar
I completely forgot about that one.
There is another new Harley from 'DC Superhero Girls' doll line. You can Google to find pictures of her.
ImHuntingWabbitz96's avatar
Don't forget Suicide Squad (film) and GAM!
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now you gotta add the new Suicide Squad Movie version
ChackieWhiskers's avatar
Original, Arkham Knight, new 52 and Assault on Arkham :D
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