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I'm not dead! I am going to get back to art. I just start training tomorrow and I need to be awake and ready by 8am. I am a night owl and this is gonna suck so bad! I will post my AU synopsis as soon as I am able to mentally. I love you all and thank you for sticking with me!
Heh heh...I just art dumped and have 420 submissions...heh heh. I am a child.
Holy Cow! I just saw my Deviation on the front page! I am not sure it means as much these days but!
You know...does anyone else think that Moon Man, or whatever their name is...kinda reminds you of Marionette? I mean we did not see them burn at the end of Pizza Simulator. Hmmm...makes you think.
Omg! I hit 250!!!!

Should I open Asks for my FNaF AU?

  |  4 votes
  • YAH

  • NAH

What should I call my FNaF AU OTP Ship?

  |  7 votes
  • Golden Silver

  • Silver and Gold

  • Goldina

Should I create a dedicated Pride Folder?

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  • Yes

  • No

What is your (current) favorite Fandom?

  |  5 votes
  • FNAF

  • Undertale

  • MLP

  • Sonic

  • Hazben Hotel

  • Other-Comment below

Should I offer Features?

  |  11 votes
  • Yes
  • No