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According to the poll I put up, there is an interest in FNaF AU asks. So I am going to put this journal up for any questions you all may have. Here you can put any questions you have for me about the AU, or characters. I am going to keep it kind of loose and free so there will not be a lot of rules. Just a few guidelines.

  1. One ask per person

  2. NSFW is okay, but please respect others sensitivities

  3. I am not currently taking in character questions. Not ready to break the 4th wall yet.

  4. I will TRY to include a drawing/sketch representing the answer, along with text.

  5. Please keep your asks to this journal.

Thanks for your interest and support. And I eagerly await your replies! I love all you guys!

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What's the au about?

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I will give a proper synopsis tomorrow in a new journal!

Thanks for asking!