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Gummy Fluffy Babbeh Bounce


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Gummy Fluffy Babbeh Bounce


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UNDERTALE GLITCH PROLOGUE  In the beginning there were two races, Monsters and Humans.  And they lived in harmony together.  And from their peaceful coexistence, a third race was born, Mages.  Born from humans, but with the power of magic in their souls.  And all together, they lived in peace.  Until one day, war spread between the Humans and Monsters.  It was a terrible battle and it is said that not a single Human fell that day.  The Monsters were driven underground, fleeing the Human armies.  Rather than destroy the Monsters, the Humans had the Mages seal them behind a magic barrier, keeping them hidden from the surface world.  And so, they remained, locked below Mount Ebot, unable to cross the barrier.   And in doing so...the Mages had condemned themselves to extinction.   For without Monsters, there was no magic on the surface.  And without magic, there would be no Mages. And the seven that sealed the monsters away, were aware of this.  But better to lose magic, than

Undertale Glitch AU WiP

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Trash Girl

TRASH-GIRL My hobbies are strange Others find them cringe worthy I love them anyway


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Rest Stop

      Well here we go again. Ronnie had been waiting at the roadside dinner for hours. Not a single car had stopped, not for him but for any reason. He would periodically turn around to see if the neon sign was still on. There it was flickering away, on and off and buzzing angrily. He heard the distant thunder rumble in the sky. Great, it would soon be raining and he without an umbrella. Sighing, he mused to himself, “Never should have come out here.”     For the life of him, Ronnie seemed to have forgotten why he came out here in the first place.  He believed he was supposed to be here and probably to meet someone.  But he seemed

Short Stories

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Gummy Fluffy Babbeh Bounce


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Silent Hill

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Sound Bitez

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FNaF-Behold the Machine Fazbear's Fright Countdown

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S BEHOLD THE MACHINE FAZBEAR’S FRIGHT-COUNTDOWN Martin Chase knew he had a goldmine.  Scary local legend, with mysterious disappearances and murder, and best of all, no corporate stuff-shirts threatening to sue for libel.  He’d crossed that bridge and while he found no help, he received no hindrance either.  He could do what he pleased with this little horror show, except for use any animatronics from Freddy Juniors.  That was a shame, since it had been the only place that had anything worth value to him. But that could not be avoided.  It was far better to cut and run than stay and argue.  Besides, that Afton boy had given him the creeps.  Far too quiet for his taste, you had to watch quiet folks.   All he had ended up with was a box of spare parts and promotional material.  There were some crumpled children’s drawings tossed in for good measure and they had been the prize find.  Kids drawings were always creepy, nothing against the artists of course,

Fnaf Behold the Machine WiP

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Broken and Forgotten Vengeance

Drawtober 2019

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Mature Art

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