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Fetus's dream


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Some weird FNAF AU ideas

So sometimes weird FNAF AU ideas cross my mind; most of them are 'what-ifs' or role swapping. Of course, I have neither time nor stamina to develop them all into something more; so I think I'll just stock them in this journal. Maybe I'll make something from them later in the future. But until then, if anyone gets inspired and wants to craft some of these into a fully-fledged story/AU/fanart/whatever, feel free to do so! Just credit me; I'd love to see what you've created =) Just a note: each AU is its own separate timeline, unless you see some of them crossoverable. (Also, some of this can be considered weird/crack to a certain extent. Pleas


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SU AU - Follow me


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New Nintendo Direct!

Vidya Gamez

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Hedorah (1971)

Fantastic Creatures

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Pierott clown

Wonderful OC's

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Do you believe in love?

Art with Emotion

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FNAF | Purple and Gold | Commission

My Beloveds

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SU | You Put Me Back Together

Atlas White

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Fetus's dream


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I.M. All Weasel Might


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3018. Carrot Cake - Illustration

Cryptid Creations

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Pride Gyro


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Don't Lose Your Head!

Fan Art

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FNAF - Security Breach

Fnaf Fanart

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Asriel dreeamer

Undertale Fanart

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A Rainbow of Peace, Love and Joy

Just plain Awesome

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Hi mooooom~

Horror Art

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Tumblr Dumpster 6 (I think)

Funny and Hilarious Things

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heart pillow - [fnaf]

Cute stuff

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Lovely Ships

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Springtrap Chilling

Husbandos and Waifus

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Mettaton EX Cosplay

Photo Loveliness

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6 Characters Challenge

Six Fanarts Challenge

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Maid Marian

Sexy and Beautiful People and Beings

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Gimme Kissss

Naughty Things

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