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I got this from here:…

Well, here it is! My sparklings meme, and my first full-color meme as well! And who better to feature than Sound Rage, Soundwave and Megatron's young son. In this meme he's one year old. Here is a more detailed profile of him:…

1. There's not much to say about this panel, except it's true that I love sparklings. Much of my fanfiction is based on familial themes, I've noticed, if they're not about romance.

2. Yes, those are his parents...and I know Megatron's gun didn't turn out too well here but, hey, this is the first time I've drawn it! Also, since Sound Rage is a cassette and could fit into Soundwave's chest cavity like any other cassette, technically that's where he'd be when the 'rents are on the go. But I think Megatron looks funny wearing a baby sling. That was the first time I ever drew the baby, too.

3. There he is! And he's got his little crown too!

4. This is the whole reason why Sound Rage exists. Megatron wants an heir who's related to him by blood, so he and Soundwave decided to have a sparkling. So now Sound Rage is an heir, although I don't think he knows it yet.

5. I wasn't sure who to make Sound Rage throwing up on, and besides, how many grumpy Decepticons are there? So I chose TC because he seems to be kind of...gruff, at least. And, not to mention, it looks like his diaper is full again, too. I bet Megatron makes Soundwave change ALL of Sound Rage's diapers...

6. I'm not really sure what Sound Rage is doing in the Ark, and why he decided to hand-paint on Sunstreaker. But to answer the question, of course Sound Rage isn't traumatized. Soundwave and Megatron treat him fine. Anyway, I think this is still cute.

7. Oh, so THAT'S why he was at the get his shots. Understandable, because the g1 Decepticons don't have a medic. I know the scene was supposed to be of Sound Rage's reaction to the actual shot, but in this case Ratchet is just trying to get Sound Rage to cooperate. The sparkling knows what's coming! And he's going to feel it, all right! I'm not sure what Megatron is thinking here...probably wishing there was a Decepticon medic so he could have stayed home. Oh, and if you're wondering, the reason why Megatron doesn't have his gun is because the Autobots made him leave his weapon at the door. No guns in base, and especially not when sparklings are involved!

8. OUCH! Sound Rage has inherited Megatron's fangs, and has just sunk them into Ratchet's finger! That's what you get for giving him a vaccination, you jerk! If you look, you can also see Megatron laughing in the background. (Sound Rage will make a fine Decepticon one day, won't he?) I also think I'm getting better at drawing Megatron, although that's all relative.

9. On their way out the door, Sound Rage attempts to play with Megatron's cannon. Megatron, looking a little panicked, tries to put a stop to it before one destroys the other!

10. Sound Rage likes sleeping amongst Megatron's energon reserves.
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transformersnewfan's avatar
Sound Rage is adoreable!  Poor creators! :D
LadyClassical's avatar
Thank you! What did you think of TC getting thrown up on? Bet you wish it was Skywarp!
transformersnewfan's avatar
OF COURSE I wish it was Warp! :D
LadyClassical's avatar
Well, it asked for somebody grumpy...and TC is kind of grumpy. I would've chosen Megatron but he's the sparkling's mommy already.
transformersnewfan's avatar
I just like TC, :) even if he can be an emo grouch.  At least he's a good brother (unlike another certain Seeker). :)
LadyClassical's avatar
What do you think he majored in when he was in college? Obviously, Skywarp got the "flunk-out" degree, and Starscream went on to get a Master's in both Biology and Chemistry. I don't know what TC would pick, though. Maybe Business (that was Megatron's major too)? Shockwave majored in Communications and Soundwave majored in Computer Science (or whatever they call it).
transformersnewfan's avatar
Probably weather science or aviation, I think.  Also, he's too good of a brother to let Warp "flunk-out", he'd do his homework for him and Skywarp wouldn't say thank you! :D
LadyClassical's avatar
Oh yeah, I hadn't thought of that! Good idea!

Megatron - Business
Starscream - Biology/Chemistry
TC - Meteorology
Shockwave - Communications
Soundwave - IT (Information Technology)
Skywarp - hmm...can't think of anything right now...
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92LAW's avatar
aw xD !
poor Ratchet :s 
LadyClassical's avatar
The baby got mad! Oh well I love Ratchet in G1...
TFG1001's avatar
Cute.!! I wanna try these!! where do you get all these memes
LadyClassical's avatar
I'm in a meme group (there are more than you think here!) and I sometimes run into filled memes and since they usually have a link to the blank one in the description, I just download the blank one and fill it out myself. I have a group called TransformersMemes, which is a Transformers meme you might guess.
TFG1001's avatar
LadyClassical's avatar
Yes. But none of my groups are exactly popular...oh well.
TFG1001's avatar
I saw the group. :D
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