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Harry Potter Art Meme

Click here for the blank meme: uppuN's HP Art meme by uppuN

1. That's me--what else is there to say, except that I like drawing those scarves?

2. You just have to look at my gallery to know that Sirius is my favorite, I think. Sirius is a beautiful person, inside and out!

3. I HATE WORMTAIL!!!!! Peter Pettigrew is the ONLY character I hate more than Umbridge, probably.

4. I love Jily. I think it's so sweet. But Bella gives the term "sleeping with your boss" a whole new meaning. WTF VOLDEMORT?!

5. WolfxStar is my OTP. And is there proof that it was non-canon? I mean, they mention in book 5 that Lupin stayed at headquarters with Sirius. What did they do all day? Watch TV? But Drarry...I HATE Drarry and I can't see why people like it!

6. My favorite character to draw is Sirius. I especially love drawing his hair.

7. Yeah, uh, I think this one speaks for itself.

8. Padfoot is certainly my favorite. But Moony and Prongs are also SO HOT!!! So I think it wouldn't end up so well if I tried to take a group photo with them, especially considering the fact that people usually brush up against each other in group photos, so...

9. Why would I steal Harry's stuff? Who knows?

10. These are two old drawings of Malfoy. One is his normal self, the other is Parallel Universe Malfoy.

11. Ever heard that saying, "Come to the Dark side...we have cookies"? Well, Voldemort is a bad person! No matter how many cookies he has, I could never work for him!

12. I realized I hadn't drawn Snape in the whole meme, so I did. Also, I'm in my Ravenclaw Hogwarts school uniform again, so that's cool.
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I love your Buckbeak. He's like "CRRROUIC DUCKY DUCKY KWAKWAKWAK,
DUCKY DUCKY, GO AWAY, DUCKY DUCKY, NO ONE LOVES YOU !" Oh wait, no, that's Markiplier.
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Thanks! :rolf: Nagini, though...
Moe-Mux-Hagi's avatar
She looks like those balloons in bouncy castles and car shops XD
LadyClassical's avatar
Nagini does? But she's supposed to be scary! :XD:
Moe-Mux-Hagi's avatar
I'm sorry to say that she isn't.
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She managed to kill Snape before Neville killed her though...
Moe-Mux-Hagi's avatar
Yes. :'(
Poor Snivellus...
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At least he had one of the coolest deaths, though. Sirius had the lamest death in the whole books if you ask me. No body, no chance to say goodbye, and he didn't even live to enjoy his freedom. After all, the Veil doesn't like to give up its dead.
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Thanks! Which was your favorite?
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Sirius going to jail for being too hot!
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