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Alice Over the Years by LadyClassical Alice Over the Years :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 1 0 Dial-Up by LadyClassical Dial-Up :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 0 0 Harry and Hermione on the phone (lineart) by LadyClassical Harry and Hermione on the phone (lineart) :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 1 0 The Loneliness of Andromeda Black by LadyClassical The Loneliness of Andromeda Black :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 3 29 Me Vs. Humidity by LadyClassical Me Vs. Humidity :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 1 35 Chardelli's best concept art by LadyClassical Chardelli's best concept art :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 1 0 Never Insult the House of Black by LadyClassical Never Insult the House of Black :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 1 26
Baby on a Bus, Part 2 (HP and the Dogfather II)
It was Regulus, naturally, who came to his senses first.
“Listen, I’m going to go get a Healer,” he said to no one in particular, and left the Knight Bus. To Harry’s surprise, he walked right into one of the shacks.
a lot bigger on the inside,” Sirius explained, noticing Harry’s confusion.
Harry still couldn’t speak. His mind and body both were reeling. He had just witnessed the Miracle of Life way before he had expected to, and he didn’t know how he felt about it; he had planned to sit in the waiting room, raiding the vending machine (if wizards had those) and reading magazines like Wizards’ Health and Pureblood Quarterly with Regulus. Hermione was right, as usual; birth was not at all like it was shown on TV.
Phoebe was crying, so loudly, and Barbara was too. Harry didn’t mind if Phoebe cried because it meant she was alive. Hopefully the Healers could tell him if she was healthy, too. It wasn’t long b
:iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 0 0
Baby on a Bus, Part 1 (HP and the Dogfather II)
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is an excerpt from my fanfiction, Harry Potter and the Dogfather II: Chamber of Secrets, where Sirius's wife, Barbara, has their baby early at 37 weeks. Regulus is still alive, self-made, and dating Holly Greengrass, who is eighteen and Astoria and Daphne's cousin. Now that you know, enjoy!
Barbara was on her thirty-seventh week of pregnancy now, and for those who couldn’t do the math, that meant she had just begun her ninth month. To Harry, it seemed like this pregnancy would never end, and yet he still had to wait until September 12. He knew about it before he was supposed to, since Sirius hadn’t been planning on telling anyone until the second trimester. But now everyone knew. The truth was, Barbara was hugely, obviously pregnant. Her doctor said Phoebe was the size of a melon, which Harry certainly believed. Not a watermelon, not yet, but more like a honeydew melon. Barbara said that just made her hungry for honeydews. 
:iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 0 0
Animagi by LadyClassical Animagi :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 1 0 Request - Kate Potter by LadyClassical Request - Kate Potter :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 0 0 Passing By by LadyClassical Passing By :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 1 9 After-Shower Barbara by LadyClassical After-Shower Barbara :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 1 1 Al, Pam and Liz by LadyClassical Al, Pam and Liz :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 2 27
Harry's Twelfth Birthday (Excerpt)
This is from Harry Potter and the Dogfather II: Chamber of Secrets. For those who don't know, Regulus is a small business owner of a pizzeria chain, a.k.a. Reggie's Pizza Empire. Barbara is Sirius's very pregnant fiancé, Hermione is Holly's girlfriend, Dylan is an idiot from Barbara's childbirth class, and Holly is the woman Regulus is seeing.
Harry was having a good twelfth birthday. All his friends had given him good presents. Barbara had baked him a week’s supply worth of treacle tart; Ron had given him a book about Quidditch; Hermione had given him a 25-Galleon gift card for Quality Quidditch Supplies; Remus had given him some scented candles; and Sirius had given him the best gift of all, his dad’s old cuff links.
Or had Regulus given him the best gift of all? For dinner was to be the big event on Harry’s birthday. Regulus was treating Remus, Barbara, Sirius, Hermione, Ron and of course Harry to a free pizza dinner at his restau
:iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 2 34
Wrong tape by LadyClassical Wrong tape :iconladyclassical:LadyClassical 2 67


Right There by NightRiver16 Right There :iconnightriver16:NightRiver16 25 5 Dont Let Her Be Dead - HP by Asha47110 Dont Let Her Be Dead - HP :iconasha47110:Asha47110 109 17 Australian Sun - HP by Asha47110 Australian Sun - HP :iconasha47110:Asha47110 33 12 Happy Holidays from the fam! by upthehillart Happy Holidays from the fam! :iconupthehillart:upthehillart 551 18 Happy New Year! by upthehillart Happy New Year! :iconupthehillart:upthehillart 545 22 Lily and James by ribkaDory Lily and James :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 486 9 The Daily Prophet Portrait- HP by Asha47110 The Daily Prophet Portrait- HP :iconasha47110:Asha47110 89 6 Good Butterbeer, Better Friends by Asha47110 Good Butterbeer, Better Friends :iconasha47110:Asha47110 72 13 Just a moment Together by MariaAart Just a moment Together :iconmariaaart:MariaAart 60 4 Like a Firework Show by batbobbles Like a Firework Show :iconbatbobbles:batbobbles 74 16 Autumn Leaves by batbobbles Autumn Leaves :iconbatbobbles:batbobbles 82 5 Harry Potter Pairings by MissMayHirai Harry Potter Pairings :iconmissmayhirai:MissMayHirai 128 23 How DH should've ended by Shmivv How DH should've ended :iconshmivv:Shmivv 1,119 181 DH- Wolf Whistling at Hermione by Shmivv DH- Wolf Whistling at Hermione :iconshmivv:Shmivv 830 154 Erecto_ Mild DH Spoiler by Shmivv Erecto_ Mild DH Spoiler :iconshmivv:Shmivv 1,962 447 The return of teen angst Harry by Shmivv The return of teen angst Harry :iconshmivv:Shmivv 557 186

What is your favorite Patrick Star quote? 

2 deviants said "Dumb people are always blissfully unaware of how dumb they really are."
1 deviant said "I know a lot about head injuries, Spongebob."
1 deviant said "There's a headache inside my tooth!"
No deviants said "A creative outlet provides spritual relief and helps facilitate a healthy mental balance."
No deviants said "I find all this laughter to be highly illogical."
No deviants said "No, your other bottom!"
No deviants said "I can't understand anything."
No deviants said "Can I just say oops?"
No deviants said "Well, it sounds like it's all your fault."
No deviants said "WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS?!"


Fill out these questions and then tag your favorite friend(s)! BTW, you're not allowed to say you don't have one, and you can't double up unless it's REALLY too close to call. You DO have to fill out all of them, and feel free to add your own! LINK BACK TO ME WHEN YOU'RE DONE SO I CAN READ THEM!!!

Favorite Vegetable:
Least Favorite Vegetable: Cauliflower

Favorite Fruit: Pineapple
Least Favorite Fruit: Tomatoes (those are fruits, right?)

Favorite Cheese: Provolone
Least Favorite Cheese: Blue

Favorite Meat: Anything that comes from a pig
Least Favorite Meat: Anything that comes from the ocean

Favorite Drink: Pineapple Juice
Least Favorite Drink: V8

Favorite Dessert: Milkshakes
Least Favorite Dessert: Anything minty

Favorite Food: Burritos (I guess?)
Least Favorite Food: Disgusting smelly fish (all fish are smelly and disgusting btw)

Favorite Food Ethnicity: Cajun
Least Favorite Food Ethnicity: Mediterranean

Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant: Olive Garden (used to be Friday's but then they took away my sandwich)
Least Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant: Uh, anything Mediterranean, I guess...

Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant: McDonald's
Least Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant: Wendy's

Favorite Department Store: Target (conflict of interest, I know...)
Least Favorite Department Store: Wal-Mart

Favorite Clothing Store: Steinmart (wonderful!)
Least Favorite Clothing Store: Macy's (too expensive!)

Favorite Color: Pink
Least Favorite Color: Gray

Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling and Alice books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (TIE)
Least Favorite Book Series: Um...Divergent, I guess?

Favorite Stand-Alone Book: Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe
Least Favorite Stand-Alone Book: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Favorite Book Genre: Contemporary (slice of life)
Least Favorite Book Genre: Dystopian

Favorite Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Least Favorite Author: Whoever wrote Divergent

Favorite Animal: Dogs
Least Favorite Animal: Ants

Favorite Singer: Kelly Clarkson
Least Favorite Singer: Justin Beiber

Favorite Band: Bon Jovi
Least Favorite Band: One Direction

Favorite Song: "Long Shot" by Kelly Clarkson
Least Favorite Song: "Chandelier" by Sia

Favorite Flavor: Fruity or chocolatey, depending on what the food is
Least Favorite Flavor: MINT!!!! (I hate mint)

Favorite Smell: Coconut
Least Favorite Smell: Fish

Favorite Place in the World: Hawaii
Least Favorite Place in the World: I don't know...Middle East or something?

Favorite Accessory: Earrings
Least Favorite Accessory: Uh...eye patch? LOL!!!

Favorite Actor: Jack Dylan Grazer
Least Favorite Actor: Hmm...the guy who plays Sam in Transformers?

Favorite Actress: Jennifer Anniston
Least Favorite Actress: Whoever played Alice in "Alice Upside Down," which SUCKED!!!

Favorite Kids' Cartoon: Spongebob
Least Favorite Kids' Cartoon: Steven Universe

Favorite Adult Cartoon: South Park
Least Favorite Adult Cartoon: Family Guy

Favorite Live-Action Show: Friends
Least Favorite Live-Action Show: Fresh Prince of Belair

Favorite Instrument: Piano
Least Favorite Instrument: Kazoo

Favorite Movie: "A Dog's Way Home"
Least Favorite Movie: Most romantic comedies

Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan
Least Favorite Disney Movie: Wall-E

Favorite Disney Princess: Mulan
Least Favorite Disney Princess: Merida

Favorite Anime: Hetalia
Least Favorite Anime: Naruto

Favorite School Subject: Music
Least Favorite School Subject: MATH!!!

:icontransformersnewfan: you are it!!!


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AGE: 25 (June 18, 1993)

Reach by Vexic929

Better Dead than Red by ZhaneAugustine

PERSONAL QUOTE: "If you break a rule in the math world, you get something wrong; if you break a rule in the art world, you get something new."

Bold and Brash (small) by Invaderkadi

Stamp Harry Potter - Ravenclaw by Momma--G

Marauders Stamp by Maleh-wa

HOUSE: Ravenclaw
BOGGART: Myself, in chains

Padfoot - stamp by marauder-padfoot


Harry + Hermione Custom Stamp by dA--bogeyman


American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

JUST A SHORT LI'L BIO: Hello, my name is Olivia and I live on the North Shore of Chicago, Illinois. My favorite fandom is Harry Potter. I work as a cashier at Bed Bath and Beyond, although I've written several novels and am planning to publish them once I finish school (I'm working on a Bachelor's in English). I love all animals, drawing, writing and candy. I'm also learning to speak Spanish, seeing as I like language in general, not just English. I have a dog named Maggie and my favorite food is Cajun.

Too Many Stamps Stamp by blackangelyume

Ravenclaw Stamp by Cat-Noir Class of 2011 by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Music is my lifeline by pjuk Underrated Artists stamp by AJthePPGfan Grammar Nazi Stamp by chessgirl SLASH FAN STAMP by coraza-de-acero Proud to be American by Wearwolfaa TFA Megs Stamp by MammaCarnage HEY HEY LISTEN HEY HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN by endler Harry Potter and the Cursed Child | Stamp by 0stb Stamp: Fathers day by Azrael-Legna Hard to Get Stamp by SparkLum I Hate Math - l8 by stamps-club I Know Stamp - Revamped by EvilSaku OTP Stamp by agrajagthetesty TF Girls stamp by Metallikato Harry Potter - Hermione Fan by phoenixtsukino emo stamp by kakumei feme and loving it 2 by elfy016 Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Good Example by cfosgate AntiAntiYaoi Stamp by anti-het-club Stamp - Objection! by Username-91 Drive After Drinking Stamp by miraibaby Stop Eating the Stamps by EmeraldTokyo Super Kinky Stamp by EmeraldTokyo Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest Fangirl Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Assisted Suicide Stamp by woop17 I love Chibi Voldie stamp by uppuN Stamp: Art or get lost! by Username-91 The Holocaust Wasn't Enough? by HopeSwings777 Want Mercy? 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