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YJO OC: Batgirl

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Yes, quick change to Nadia’s alias. I was talking about Nadia with :iconestrella-angel: who brought up the idea that Nadia could be the Batgirl in Season 3 of YJ. Which I thought was a good idea cause it seemed to fit, as well as make her insecurities make sense which I will explain.

Nadia is often insecure about herself with the team, she feels like she’s a replacement Batgirl for the team after Barbara became Oracle. She strives to be just as good as Barbara or better since the team always seems to point out she’s the second Batgirl of the team. Which gets her a little insecure and annoyed. 

Her design inspiration. I wanted her suit to look different but similar to other batgirls. The main Batgirl I chose to be inspired by the most has to be Cassandra Cain, due to the colors looking sharp with her design. I also gave her a hood with bat ears cause it looked cute and it’s something Nadia would want as a part of her uniform. 

Anyways, here’s her profile! I hope you all enjoy!

Alias: Batgirl
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Batfamily, and the Team.

Secret ID: Nadia Gwen Larson
Nickname(s): Gwen by her father. Nana by her best friend Molly.
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nationality: French-American
Current Residence: Gotham city
Height: 5’2’’
Weight: 115 Pounds
Eye Color: Brown  (civilian) grey contacts (hero)
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Type: Straight and long.
Skin Color: Light peach
Physical Description: Athletic

General Personality: Nadia is usually a very happy person, she loves goofing off sometimes. As Batgirl she tries to act serious, but often times, a good joke leads to her giggling a lot. So she’s very bubbly. Though, during other times, she can feel insecure due to taking over the mantle of Batgirl and thinks she’s not as good as Barbara and tries to be better which leads to trouble.

Good Traits: Bubbly, clever, hardworking, loyal, and kind.
Bad Traits: Envious, gullible, paranoid, timid, and impatient.

Quirks: Nadia loves going to conventions, comic, gaming, or for anime she loves. She also cosplays and often geeks out to soundtracks from her favorite shows.
Hopes: She hopes to keep anyone under her eye from getting abducted and hurt like she was. Her other hopes include to one day have a family of her own and to improve herself as a hero.
Fears: Being alone, buried alive or invisible to the ones she loves.

Memorable Quote(s): “I’m just a fan girl. Not a stalker.” “I don’t give up, I just keep trying until my depression comes back and haunts me, then I give up.”

Closest Friends:  Molly Hansen (her best friend in school, who also geeks over things like she does. She’s very happy around Molly, they often go to cons together and see the newest things for their interest.)
Enemies: Any bad guys really.
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): Nadia is Bisexual. She once had a crush on Wondergirl, but it was a one time thing. She dated a girl named Annalise but turned out she wasn’t into Nadia that much due to her obsession with anime at the time. Her current crush is Roy Harper/Arsenal.

Power(s): Acrobatic skills and In-training martial artist

POWER/ABILITY 1: Shes able to move her body with balance and agility.
PROS: Able to keep balance, and move better with her agility.
CONS: her body can only do so much, sometimes she goes extreme to prove herself which may lead to injuries without her thinking.

POWER/ABILITY 2: Shes able to fight hand to hand with certain bad guys
PROS: She can take out henchmen or whoever around their level.
CONS: She’s not a good level to fight hand to hand with anyone higher than her, can sometimes think she’s got the upper hand but fails, and she rushes into fighting.

Weapon(s): A staff. She doesn’t use it a lot like she should. Sometimes she forgets she even has it.
Style: Nadia rushes into battle without thinking.
Strengths: Shes a good team player, tries to listen to whoever is in charge. She’s also Clever in coming up with a strategy before battle.
Weaknesses: Shes still human, so she has normal human weaknesses. Can tire out sometimes. Nadia rushes in sometimes without a thought. Can give up when taunted by the right person.

Nadia was born and raised in Gotham city by her parents Natalie and Louis Larson. They were living a above middle class life. Though they were always busy, Louis was a business man that worked with Bruce Wayne. Her mother Natalie worked as a doctor. So Nadia was in the care of her nanny, Daphne, until Nadia was finally twelve. When her parents finally trusted her to be home alone.

However after this, Nadia grew so annoyed by her parents one day. She left school early without a thought. Only to be abducted by a gang for ransom. Nadia was with them for many hours, locked in a room with one of the gangsters. Waiting to be let go.

That is until Batwoman and Black canary came to her rescue. Defeating the gang in the process and waiting until the police came to arrest the gang. After this event, Nadia was inspired by what Batwoman and Black canary did. She wanted to be just like them and stop crime.

She would seek out them for a year, always trying to ask if she can be their partner or sidekick. Only to be denied and warned to stay out of crimefighting. She didn’t care. After her last denial from them, she would attempt to stop a store being robbed by herself, resulting in someone in the store getting hurt.

Nadia felt horrible after that, she felt that she worsened the situation more so than helping. Batwoman would eventually give in and show Nadia what it’s truly like to fight crime, she met with Nadia and asked her to come to a warehouse for training. Nadia accepted and went into training.

Batwoman didn’t confirm anything, she just helped Nadia train for self defense at the most. This lasted for a month or so, until Nadia persuaded Batwoman more into letting her help her. Batwoman caved in and let her become her partner.

She wasn’t in the field just yet, she had to finish another year of training and at the most she had to watch Batwoman fight crime on her own before actually joining in and helping her.

At the age of fourteen she was let onto the team, to improve on her team working skills, and herself as well. She took over the role of Batgirl after Barbara became oracle.
Profile template by :iconmeibatsu:

Nadia Larson belongs to ME.
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