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Please read me and help me!


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Brad Goodchild
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Jessie Lynn
And to all those who read this, please I need your help

Hello, my name is Rosa, I am 26 years old, I am a recently graduated architect, dreamer, idealist, and I´m from VENEZUELA.

In these moments I should be spending my time doing what I love and fulfilling each of my dreams and goals, designing projects that help my nation progress, taking a lot of drawing courses to be a great artist, be worried about losing 5kg more, playing a good game of LoL with my friends, fighting with my parents because they don’t let me get home later, watching a Hellsing marathon with my boyfriend, bothering my brother to get a good wife or planning my next vacation to Greece, Japan, not without first visiting Los Roques and Gran Sabana and tell my parents the good news that I bought a large piece of land to design my fantastic home ,while I decide if drink coffee with milk with sugar or Splenda.

But it isn’t like that, I’m writing to all of you, so please help me, help me to be able to guarantee some future for me and my family, far from this country beaten, raped, impoverished, sabotaged, cheated, cheated and divided, divided between those who want to progress and fight, among those who decided to give up, those who have no more aspirations and advocate reviving resentment. Because in Venezuela, if there ever was a future for each one of us, it is being taken away by leaps and bounds.
Once, and not so far, my family and I had faith in our nation, with every opportunity to choose, year after year, we made the choice of the good future, but in this country, which you have aspirations and want to progress, is seen as the greatest treason to your homeland. How much we haven’t lost, just to think that the best way to progress is hard work, discipline, honesty and love for what you do. Where do you come to proclaim all these wishes to the four winds, for the government: you will be seen as a traitor, and for many people you will be seen as a poor fool, foolish and ridiculous who believes himself to be of a superior status.

I am in a country where I am designated not to be disloyal, not to be "more evil" and where many of us are accused of not being opportunistic under the guise of being an entrepreneur at the expense of abusing and squeezing bad circumstances.I could make a long list of all the injustice that is committed in my country not only by a government of thieves but, also, by many citizens who like snakes were delighted to live and celebrate the lack of dignity and goals, but never finish this statement, can only say that they are unimaginable, and that it has been for so long, that the habit of living in barbarism not only became law, but normal, good, and the only thing to breathe.
Please continue reading, I will tell you what is a common day in my life, while I can assure you with all certainty, that the day of my other brothers is about 100 times worse.

My family is composed of mom, dad, brother and me, and a little and adorable little sister by dad, mom is past 50 years old and, ironically , is the daughter of Arab immigrants who also came with a suitcase of a few rags, hopes and dreams more than 65 years ago, she has been a seamstress for 2 years, my father has also passed the age of 50. He is a Civil Engineer, he is very charismatic, he is a thinker and one of the people who suffer the most agony and rage for the state of his nation , my brother is 33 years old, he is Civil Engineer and Msc. In Structural Engineering, he is a fucking genius, passionate about tradition, his faith, good manners and his country, my little sister is 8 years old, she is a very sociable adorable girl who wonders why we can not buy her an ice cream nor go to the movies to see The Incredibles II.

My father and brother are unemployed, one of the reasons is that simply the construction field is not given in this country since, every day the resources of the country disappear like water in the middle of the desert, another reason is because There are still small engineering projects, the salary is ridiculously low, and another reason is because they are opponents of the government.
My mother is a seamstress and her job is to repair the worn clothes of the residents of the residential complex in which we live. That, like we all , we don’t have enough money to buy new trousers, because it's 6 times our standard salary (or more).

I am a public official and I work for a government foundation, which for security reasons I can not give the name, because where this letter reaches your hands, I can lose my job. It should be noted that with the "modest" amount of money that I earn, I can buy, and please do not be surprised by the amount of food, for my salary I can buy 20 eggs a month!

And that's all the food we can buy for 4 people. With my only salary, we sell ice cube, to get tickets, yes, tickets to pay the public transport ticket (when there is public transport). Because there are not enough tickets for everyone in the country. So, with this in mind, I'll tell you the routine.

Some days, we get up at 5:00 am to get ready and walk from our home to the nearest bank, because usually, public transport is on strike (you don’t really want to know the subhuman conditions of this public transport and how rude can be the driver and the collector). This walk takes about 40 minutes, it could be less, but mom can not walk faster. We arrived at 7:00 am or a little earlier, when arriving, normally there is already a line of about 50-60 people in the best of cases. The procedure is to wait for the bank to open at 8:30 am, or wait for the truck to arrive with the money, sometimes it arrives early, sometimes it arrives at 11:00 am or past noon. Once the money is in the bank, the security guard orders us in line (bearing in mind that many people will be the ones that very shamelessly get in line even having arrived very late, so, if you arrived in number 60, really at the end, it will be number 75 or 80) then collect our identity documents (20 in 20) and we will go to withdraw enough money to buy a lollipop or 2 onions. Normally the time in the bank lasts from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., this activity is carried out as a family, sometimes one person stays at home, doing the surveillance round, since in the last months the delinquency in the zone has increased due to the need and crisis that plagues our nation.
The rest of the purchases are made with a debit card, with good luck in the day, the telecommunications system and internet will work for all banks and you will not have problems when paying. Otherwise you can not. In my country every public service is so deteriorated that even the most trivial activities become a complete odyssey.

When we get home, we prepare lunch, usually consisting of 1 glass of rice for 4 people or 5 (if my sister is at home and when you can buy rice) and grains, then I go to work (if necessary) since I don’t have a transport office or communication equipment, when I need the internet to send the information (no, we don´t have fixed telephone lines or the internet, the cables were stolen a year ago) I go to the neighboring urbanization where my boyfriend lives to send the information, this trip was usually done by myself, but one day I was assaulted and my mobile phone was stolen (it really was from my mother) it was a simple Smartphone, you can probably buy it as you buy a box of cookies, but in my country buy a smartphone , even if it is the simplest, it is something unattainable, unless your work is of suspicious origin, is connected with people who occupy high positions in government, or in the past your fortune has been so great, that you can still Since then my boyfriend makes 4 trips to accompany me to his box and then leave me in mine (this whole stretch is walking) With so much exercise, I should be thinner, But either I have good genes, or really the hormonal problems and cysts in the ovaries are a serious matter. I can´t treat my cysts in the ovaries because it is very expensive, so they will accompany me a good time, until I can treat them.

The rest of the days consists of making rows of 1 and a half day and early riser, to be able to buy 2 to 4kg of pre-cooked corn flour, because it is what yields the most and is the least expensive that we can still buy. I make an assessment of how annoying this is, because it seems really unfair to have so many people killing themselves, insulting themselves, exposing themselves to an inclement sun for hours, enduring thirst and hunger, for 2 or 4 kg of food, which only lasts 3 or 4 days and the one that you can only get every 10 days, because your sale is regulated by quantity and by day according to the number in which you finish your ID, I hate to see my parents arrive sick every time they submit those tortuous rows, all the sacrifice, physical, mental and spiritual that entails obtaining only 2 to 4kg of pre-cooked cornmeal, is NOT JUST, and nobody, absolutely nobody deserves to suffer for a bit of food, as if begging, something that By right we do not deserve, they are our most basic needs, and those basic foods, we pay for it, they are not given away and even then, we must suffer for them.

When night comes, each of us goes and lies in his bed, but none of us really sleep, thinking what kind of magic trick to learn to provide food at our table, and if, exclusively food, things like clothes, Personal hygiene items such as hair creams, skin, medicines, and other things, are extras.
As for medicines, sometimes we can buy headache pills, some cough syrup, or medicine for sinusitis, we are practically forbidden to get sick, and if we do, we pretend that it is nothing serious, a little mental strength and spiritual to fight the evils.

I have many months, I don’t  know what it is to sleep deeply, I spend my hours in the morning going around and around in bed, thinking that what has not occurred to me to be able to leave the country, in search of a better future, I have put my things on sale, I have offered my work as an architect in the newspaper, and made some bags to sell, but there is no more material, nobody calls me for architectural works and the only thing I have sold is my big fridge to buy 40 $ 3 weeks ago, and since I could not do it, now I can only buy about $ 15, each day that passes, the value of $ in my currency increases, and when I say each day, it is because really every day or every half day, its value increases in the black market, which is the only place where you can buy them in my country.

Not to tell you, the odyssey that I went through, and all Venezuelans passed by in order to have our identity documents and our certificates of professional qualifications in order, what I had to ask for my passport and the number of people I bothered to be able to process it. The day I went to certify my documents, I lost the appointment, but not because I was late, but because they cut the light, and the system was lost. Since then the online system where you request your appointment, has become useless, as you can imagine, you have to do special things to get your documents in order, like paying a lot of money to get it, or have an acquaintance I do him the favor.
Even today, I am paying the rent of my old residence in the city where I studied my university career, because I don´t have enough money to pay for the move, in fact, what I managed to sell is in that other city.
Since last year my brother and I have taken the decision to leave our country, to another, to be able to guarantee our future and that of our family, the issue itself, it was not very easy, starting because even though our parents they are aware of the situation, they still maintained the hope that the country would improve, besides, it is hard to leave, as well as your home that with so much sacrifice we built.

The first thing we did was to decide the country to go to, like thousands of Venezuelans, our first option is Peru, because in that country Venezuelans allow us to enter without fully certifying our university papers in order to get a formal job (of course is, that the best thing is always to have your papers in order) then what we are doing is trying to sell our things, but with the whole nation worried about buying food, it is really hard to sell objects that can not be eaten.


 So, our plan basically consists of collecting the money of the passage, food and the cost of residence in Peru in the first weeks, while we find an informal job to support ourselves, until we find a job in which we practice our profession, save money and be able to send money to our parents and little sister to get them out of Venezuela.

One day, it does something like 3 weeks to be more precise, I decided to open a campaign in GoFundMe to raise funds and to pay for the passage, food and pay for the first weeks of stays in Peru. But I can not open an account in GoFundMe or start a campaign, but I'm not a citizen of any country on the GoFundMe list.

And it is here, where I ask you for help, I don´t have anyone abroad who can help me, that is, I have some relatives, but I never met them, I asked for help, but their situation is complicated and they can not help me.

Please, help me to get opportunities, to forge a future and to guarantee them to my family. If anyone could start this campaign for me, I would be grateful to them from my heart. I am on the verge of despair, I pray to God, to continue blessing us with great health, because if it were not, I really do not know what I would do right now, I do not want to go so far as someone in my family gets sick and dies as a street dog, just because there are no medicines or money for treatment. My country is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, my rights as a human being are violated every day, without mercy, without mercy.
The amount that I estimate to raise is enough for my brother and I to travel by land, (the trip by bus, goes from Venezuela, passing through Colombia, Ecuador and finally Peru) so that we buy some food and pay a residence for 1 or 2 months, all that account adds $ 1200 in total for the 2, plus $ 120 for the commission would be a total of $ 1320, neither more nor less. I could ask for more, I could ask for my parents' ticket, but it is not fair, I am aware that there are people suffering a lot more than me, and whose life is at risk. I ask only what is necessary to cross the bridge between despair and hope. If you can not help me start the campaign, please at least spread my message to whoever you think I can do it and be trusted.

According to the GoFundMe page donors are offered incentives, I am not a talented artist, but I really love drawing, so I offer what I like the most: CHIBIS, I offer to draw the chibi version of the donors or their characters favorites, in a traditional way.

You will notice that this letter has several destinations and I will explain them to you next:

My brother told me, hey, what if you spread your message to your favorite idols, like the director of your favorite series or the girl in the book, you ever had contact with them.


So here I am, making the most insane request that I have made my life in the midst of my despair:

To you Mr. Brad Goodchild, was director of one of my favorite animated series, Class Of the Titans, and I exhorted to fulfill my dreams and understand my destiny, I decided to tell my parents that my desire was to study Architecture and not Medicine, with his words of encouragement on his blog I felt really good, also because thanks to COTT, my love for Greek mythology and architecture was born, with how much I researched about the Greeks, I illustrated enough for me to really be in college well in my exams on the history of Greek architecture and how it influenced today. It should be noted that I felt really happy and it was one of my best days, the day I decided to publish my drawing of Archie and Atlanta on his blog, it was gratifying, although now that I see the drawing is really ugly. If you or someone you know can help me, I thank you.

To the community of Deviantart, I ask for your help with all my heart, I really love being part of a well-known community where each artist explores their potential and shares all their creativity and sensitivity with everyone, but today I am in the middle of an alley apparently without exit, and I would not resort to this situation if it were necessary, I do it because I do not know who else to turn to from my closest intimates. As I mentioned earlier, I offer my humble chibis or SuperDeformed style to each donor. I am grateful because in this community I met SolarGuardianChick, who would allow me to bring to life the scenes of their stories, of an alternate universe of Sailor Moon, my favorite childhood series, which I have not tired of seeing again and again.

Jessi Lynn, for being SolarGuardianChick, I felt drawn to draw for your story, at the same time I admired your determination to follow your dreams as a writer, also thanks to you, because I could meet FanFiction and be thirsty for more stories and fanfics of Sailor Moon, where would I find a story of Kinley MacGregor or Sherrilyn Kenyon and finally I would fall in love with their sagas.

I am writing to Sherrilyn Kenyon and the whole fan community of his sagas, as in each one of the stories, I am going through a very difficult situation, for which no one, absolutely nobody should be passing, in my country we don’t deserve the abuses and humiliations to which we are subjected daily, as a wicked and evil man who mistreats his wife, while telling him that he loves her, and that what he does is for his own good, what a great and vile lie! Thanks to this saga, I find many words of encouragement, thanks to this saga I could make companions throughout my country, Venezuela, maybe I don’t know them physically yet, but somehow their occurrences offer me a bit of happiness to my divided heart between believing that you can still trust the goodness of people and send everything to the boat, of so much disappointment and abuse.

PD: Thanks for the musical repertoire of the Dark Hunters, I could have more to talk about with my boyfriend and new friends.

To the community of LoL, some day I hope that my concern is the flammer child who sabotages the game, or complain about the 3GB of RAM on my computer, or save to buy all the skins of Lux and MissFortune, but now what What makes me sleep is to be able to buy the ticket to find a better place where I can cultivate my goals, my dreams and life projects and give a decent life to my family. Thanks to the community of LoL I met wonderful people, and because to my surprise, my plan to approach the boy I liked since I was 14 through LoL games worked, and yes, that boy is the boyfriend I talked about. some pages. I was able to meet a very special friend, who also leaves the country, only that her family is foreign, but finally I was able to eat Italian Ravioli and Tiramisu. And witness one of the love stories, 50 times better than Twilight.

I ask all of you for help, because, although it may seem ridiculous to many people, each one came at a particular moment in my life that allowed me to understand many things about myself and the people around me.

In the crisis there is opportunity, says an old phrase, and something that we have learned in the midst of the crisis is to be creative to solve the shortcomings and hard times that hit us. We have learned to do a lot with little, to try and discover talents that we had hidden or did not know.

Not all Venezuelans who go to other countries leave with the best intentions in the world, but like everything in life, there is light and darkness, my family and I strive to stay in the light.


Thanks for reading me! Excuse my English and throughout the text, I had the need to write all this
Blessings and have a nice day!

Atte. "Rosa"



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Hola, ha pasado un buen tiempo desde que escribí o subí algún dibujo, mis disculpas, en mi país han sido años difíciles y este año en particular lo ha sido más. Si leen en mi última entrada estaba más que risueña y agradecida por la amistad que cultivado por tantos años. Estaba porque hoy son fuente de uno de los más grandes dolores que he sentido jamás. La razón: Cuando el ego, el orgullo y los viejos rencores atacan y cuando las personas no ven más allá de un etiqueta. Sí, mi unico error fue ser una persona demás de paciente y amable. Estoy realmente desecha, apesadumbrada y envenenada. No obstante ahora más que nunca he descubierto que dibujar esos sentimientos, drenan ligeramente mi dolor, no como quisiera, pero algo. Así que espero en algunas semanas quizá, compartir un poco de ese arte, quizá alguien también se sienta edentificado con esos sentimientos, estoy segura que sí, con el tiempo he descubierto que mucha gente al igual yo siente que ha dado todo y en cambio ha recibido dolor.

Espero encontrar mi camino nuevamente porque estoy perdida, aunque dicen que la mejor manera de encontrarse a uno mismo es perdiéndose.

Espero encuentren la luz cuando se topen con momentos oscuros, espero de coraazón que sus más anhelados sueños se cumplan, espero que a diferencia de mi, tengan la determinación y fuerza de seguir adelante. Yo no tengo la fuerza en estos momentos, no la encuentro x').
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