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Published: July 22, 2007
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Larxene’s (ironically) the man of the Castle. Xaldin’s the one who makes the cookies (and most of the meals), but we’re not really sure why Xemnas is there...

Larxene, be thankful we don’t tell Xiggy, Lexy, Saïx, and Luxord about this! D:< Bitch... Tempted to just out of SPITE. Making Dem-Dem cry...

We don’t know why he keeps touching it...

Drawn by :iconnire-chan:
Cleaned up and colored by me
Characters belong to Square Enix, Disney, etc.
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One part of me is like Xaldin and Xemnas on wanting to comfort Demyx, and then there's another side of me that agrees with Larxene XD
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Thats cuuuuuuuuteI think I've fainted. 
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OathKeeper1995|Student Digital Artist
I really do believe that this is how life was for the Organization before Roxas came around and everyone got serious about Kingdom Hearts.
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924twinblade924|Student Digital Artist
Lexaeus should have been there to punch the cookie jar open. He's earth, so if i remember pokemans logics correctly he is immune to larxene.
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CartoonfanKatieM's avatar
:meow: Aw, Xemnas and Xaldin are so cute
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eccoshit|Student Traditional Artist
live with it girl the member are all frickin' GAY!!!!!!!
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QuruPipit2012lolz's avatar
If Xiggy, Lexy, Saïx, and Luxord found out she probably be good as dead
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diinossaure|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
FEEEEEEEEEEEELS!!!!! he only want's love!!!! give him! GIVE HIM ALL!!! BY MAIL IF I HAVE TO!!!! I'LL GIVE HIM ALL MY LOOOOOOOAAAVE! and a box or two of cookies
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tearstainedplaguerat|Student General Artist
Omg this always makes me giggle! :squee:
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msteetertotter|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh my gosh this is so cute
Finally someone made this :iconfinallyplz:
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AnimeFreakCA's avatar
i would just flip a table if i didnt get meh cookies X3
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Teppa|Hobbyist General Artist
ASDFGJFGFADFG OH GAWD ; A; Larxene you heartless bitch!-- oh
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WhitePheonixTeaNinja's avatar
WhitePheonixTeaNinja|Hobbyist General Artist
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sionekanue's avatar
he really likes cookies huh..... don't worry demmy you're a good boy *hits larxene* BAD LITTLE PIKACHU GIRL! GO TO YOUR ROOM!
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Amzypop1's avatar
Poor Demmy :iconawwwplz:
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AngelsKarith's avatar
I never liked her shes a total bitch and this gives me even more reason poor lil guy *hugs him*
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LividMidnight's avatar
hey you mind if my and my friend role play this and put it up on youtube?
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LyricalAutumnWind|Hobbyist General Artist
D'aaaaawww...They went to comfort him. 8'3 How sweet.
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hermionejgranger|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww poor demy
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AxelThePyroHedgehog's avatar

LARXENE, Y U NO GIVE HIM A COOKIE?! :iconcryforeverplz:
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Mike-Chan92|Hobbyist Artist
Where do you get your Ideas for their QUOTES? xDD
"I live with a bunch of SISSIES!" xDDDD
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Auxilon's avatar
I lol'd at the cuteness.
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wolfcubb|Hobbyist Artist
SAIX!!! -saix appears- Saix: -sees Demyx crying and turns beserk- Me: :iconsmirkplz: Run Larxene. Larx: -runs away- Saix: -follows her-
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