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Day 3 by LadyBrookeCelebwen Day 3 :iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 34 5 Day 2 by LadyBrookeCelebwen Day 2 :iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 11 7
Dearest Guinevere
Dearest Guinevere,
Merlin assures me this is the only way we can win the war. I shudder to think of how you will feel, to be painted by history as some whore who betrayed her husband, when I gave you leave of my free will to do such because our paths would part in such cruel ways.
I would have those that know say that Arthur left her no illusion, so I shall tell you what will happen. Merlin is to place me in a sleep that will last until my country has need of me again. I know not when or where that will be, for countries are not defined by their borders so much as their people, as we both know. I shall rest there, in a little churchyard just along the way, until such a time.
I love you, Guinevere. I wrote this to write some love to you, in the hopes it will comfort you. Perhaps I am a fool and it will only comfort me, in which case I beg of you to grant me forgiveness. Magic makes fools of us all, and Merlin is the greatest of magicians and this sleep the greatest of all magic. The pri
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 3 3
Therefore, A Cultural Anthropologist
"What do you study?"
She looked up, finally locating the student staring at her.
"I study the dead," she said at last.
"What, like an archaeologist?" he asked. "Because you don't look like the type. You look like you'd run screaming from a skeleton."
She smiled. "No, not like an archaeologist. I don't see skeletons very often. Typically I only do if one of the dead wants to take me to it and show me theirs. I study the culture of the dead and what their society is like. I am, therefore, a cultural anthropologist."
"What?" the student said.
"Are you ready, Cate? We just got a call from your house, and it was all static. They must be getting impatient again." Her colleague popped his head in the door. "Marcus, what are you doing here?"
Marcus just shook his head and walked out the door.
"You'd think they would read the description of the department before coming here," she said.
"They never do," her colleague agreed. "Still, at least he didn't faint this time. You might get a new student
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 1 3
The Problems With Festivals
"Look," Sandy said.
Everyone ignored her.
"Listen!" She stood on the table when she yelled. It made her feel slightly more authoritative.
Finally, everyone shut up. Everyone, in this instance, referred to the ragtag group of misfits she had been given to control the festival and make sure nobody was using any real arrows this year. It included, as best as she could tell, her cousin's drunk best friend, her boyfriend's pet guinea pig, her neighbor's grandfather, and Jonathan.
Jonathan was supposedly a humanoid abomination. Sandy couldn't see it, though she supposed that was the point.
"What?" the grandfather said. "What did you say, Sally?"
Sandy sighed.
The guinea pig squeaked where it was currently being cuddled by the drunk best friend.
Jonathan stared attentively.
"Jonathan, you're the only one here who can possibly be of any use," she said.
"I can see that," he replied. His teeth were very shiny when he smiled.
"This is going to be a disaster. I'm just trying to keep anyone from ge
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 0 1
New Dance Shoes (From the Clouds)
Mother says that dance shoes used to be made out of leather, back before we had everything we do now.
I can't imagine dancing with my feet encased in shoes of leather. It seems like it would be so hard for my feet to breathe in, and I don't want to imagine what they would smell like.
My dance shoes are made of clouds, just like all the other dance shoes I've seen people use. All I do to get new shoes is go outside and call one down using the cloud machine.
I need to make a new pair today, actually. Would you like to see?
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 1 0
Day 1 by LadyBrookeCelebwen Day 1 :iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 8 4
The Tornado
Everyone knew that Miss Eloise was willing to die for anyone in town, if it was necessary.
Nobody was quite sure why we were all so sure of this or why Miss Eloise was willing to do so, but it was as much a fact as the grass being green or who the mayor was.
As children we would dare each other to jump over the creek right inside the forestry, which was just outside of the town limits. We thought that if we were outside of town we technically weren't anyone in town.
Miss Eloise lived in the center of town, in one of those old houses every old town has. The type that is almost on the verge of falling down, with shutters that appear to just barely be attached and peeling paint that looks like an apple your mom forgot in the middle of making your snack.
Her house isn't there anymore. Neither is she.
One day when I was in middle school, a tornado came and ripped up the entire area around us. I was out with my friends in the forest, jumping that same creek again. By the time we heard the si
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 1 1
Some Kind of Stalker Puppy
"He won't stop following me," Elizabeth said, curling into the chair. "He's always right there, like some kind of stalker puppy. He did the same thing when he was alive."
Jackie looked at her. "You know he's not really following you around. It's just your guilt making you think he is."
Elizabeth shook her head, braids bouncing from side to side. She could see Zach reaching for them out of the corner of her eye. She forced herself to hold still.
"He's really here," she finally said. "He won't stop following me. It's like he wants me to constantly take care of him."
"That's your guilt, too. It's tell you that if you had only stayed home that weekend and they hadn't hired a replacement babysitter, he wouldn't have ate those strawberries and he'd still be alive." Jackie pushed a card to here. "Look, I think you should go see this guy. He'll help you."
Elizabeth reached to take it.
Zach grabbed it first, ripping it into shreds.
Jackie froze.
"He really is here," Elizabeth said. She clutched
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 2 4
Doorknob of Danger
"Mama, why can't we save everyone with the doorknob?" Jack leaned upwards, grasping the doorknob. "If we just set it to open wherever there's danger, we can save everyone."
"It doesn't work like that, baby," she said, leaning down to kiss his forehead. "It needs to be set to a specific place, or it'll just keep spinning between places too quickly for anyone to come through."
"But if it's spinning, we just need to see a place and then we can focus on that place. We save those people, and then we go on to the next place. It could work, Mama." He twisted the doorknob, but his mother held the door shut.
"It doesn't work like that." She knelt on the ground, looking him in the eyes. "We can't save everyone. We couldn't see them well enough to make them out to save them while it was spinning, and it'd be too dangerous to try. You could fall through and I'd never see you again."
Jack squeezed his hands shut, tears almost falling. "Grandpa says he saw Daddy. That's who he was trying to save. Yo
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 0 1
Mature content
S.T.A.G. :iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 1 0
The Fool and The Queen
"We shall not leave," the King said. "We have faced baseless assassinations without flinching, we cannot leave here now."
"If only Father had stayed here to sire more children, instead of leaving to live the live of a reclusive madman, we wouldn't have this problem," his sister said. "You could have been replaced on the throne long ago."
"Of course, sister, your thoughts are as wise as always. Your thoughts, Master Fool?"
"Let me compare you to a cunning prey. You are more demure, sardonic, and blonde," the man said, stepping forward and handing the King a drink.  
"Such silliness! Still, we will be successful, sister. I shall not allow anyone to sully our kingdom, which is as beloved as a shooting star." He took a sip of the drink before setting it on the table.  
"You are an unmitigated disaster, brother. You are aware that shooting stars fall?"
"Yes, but our people have no wish to be ungoverned. I see no reason to be afraid of such happening," he said.
"You are as vulnerab
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 2 4
A Wordless Book
"Did you hear what happened?"
Eliza looked up from her paper. "No, what happened?"
"You know that book Cleo was always so obsessed with? The one that she was constantly reading, but wouldn't let any of the rest of us look at? It turned out to be nothing but blank pages. Nobody is sure why," Alex leaned over the desk. "Weirdest of all, the person who found it is now obsessed with it too. Have you ever heard of such a thing?"
"What, like some cursed object from King Tut's tomb? Those don't exist," Eliza said.
Alex shrugged. "Maybe those cursed objects don't, but this book does. Who knows what will happen next?"
"What will happen next is you will get off my desk, and I can finish my paper." Eliza shoved her friend back. "And next time, you'll bring me some proof if you want me to believe that."
Alex rolled her eyes. "You and I both know you don't need prove, Eliza. After all, you were the original owner of that book."
"Nobody's around right now, doll, we don't need to hide," Alex s
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 1 7
It Kept Them Away
"Everyone knows what Lord Harold did," the boy said, looking at his sister. "I'm going to be just like him."
"You can't, Jack," Elizabeth said. "It would kill Mother, and anyways, I don't think you can."
"I could, though." Jack picked up a knife. "We can't just keep waiting like this. They're going to come and they're going to kill us. Lord Harold made them stop, at least for a little while. His body alone... You can see it over there, that's kept them away for weeks."
"You're not Lord Harold!" She grabbed hold of his arm, pulling him closer.
"I could be like him, though."
"No, you can't."
Jack wrenched his arm free. "I'm going, and I'm going to do the same thing."
They did stay away, though nobody knew which one it was because of.
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 2 4
Light and Lights
They say that the lights used to be peaceful, before everything.
Grandmother says that her own grandmother lived near the lights at a girl, before the world exploded in lights. Back then, she said, the lights attracted thousands of visitors to see them. They danced in the sky, like peaceful dancers, and the worst that happened was people being kept awake by them.
Then the lights appeared everywhere. They hang in the sky now, overwhelming everything.
No one has problem sleeping now because of light.
The lights don't leave enough time for annoyance instead of fear to keep us awake.
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 0 4
Hush, Little Birds
"Hey Cindy," the store manager called as she walked in the door. "Were there any problems this morning?"
"No. Everything has been quiet. Two people came in needing dresses altered, but they're simple. I already placed them in the back to do this evening." She looked up from her work. "Do you need me to do anything else?"
"You'll be running the store on your own this afternoon. I have to leave," the manager responded.
"Yes, ma'am. I'll get everything done."
"Remember what happens if you don't," the manager said. "I don't think we need a repeat of that."
"Of course not, ma'am. Everything will be done properly." Cindy picked up the scissors from the counter. "I'll bring the dresses out here to work on."
"Just make sure that your work isn't messy. We wouldn't want any customers to leave."
Cindy nodded, as the manager finally left.
As soon as she was gone, there was laughter in the corner.
"Hush, little birds," said Cindy.
"But she doesn't know who you are," said the birds.
Cindy nodded. "A
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 0 4


Celtic Blossom by Catlaxy Celtic Blossom :iconcatlaxy:Catlaxy 304 35 space commission by TamikaProud space commission :icontamikaproud:TamikaProud 132 2 Velvet Mood by j5rson Velvet Mood :iconj5rson:j5rson 66 7 Miss Mushroom by Vilenchik Miss Mushroom :iconvilenchik:Vilenchik 99 24 The road to unknown by Vilenchik The road to unknown :iconvilenchik:Vilenchik 67 14 In Mermaid's Home by Vilenchik In Mermaid's Home :iconvilenchik:Vilenchik 97 34 Winter outside the window ... by Vilenchik Winter outside the window ... :iconvilenchik:Vilenchik 74 15 Mystic castle on the waves by Vilenchik Mystic castle on the waves :iconvilenchik:Vilenchik 80 18


Day 30

The end of this challenge, and the first official day of classes at my university.

If you've ever wondered what kind of desks grad students get, the answer appears to be "old ones, possibly without working drawers."

And yes, I'm old fashioned and still use paper notebooks and pencils, instead of a laptop.
Day 29

This is not assigned class reading, or reading for my job as a TA. This is the preliminary research reading, except for the top few. Those are "I should probably read this" or fun reading.

Day 28

A day in my life: there is a kindle, laptop bag, and a planner that appears almost empty. This is because you can't see the note page. :lol:


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