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Someone said that love must hart…
Photo inspired by stein of red paint on my new dress :D
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Love does hurt but it also can be a wonderful thing to.. I should know cause I love My Pika guy..
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Hey, This is a beautiful piece :)
It has been feature here:
Thanks :heart:
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That looks awesome, nice work and creative inspiration choice ^^
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YOU CAN ALL USE THIS PHOTO, YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASK :) (would be cool if you put my signeture somewhere, but you don't have to)
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wow, really cool
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I'm surprised this never got a DD. Stunning image, really imaginative!
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Wow, very nice!
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wow you're a fantastic photographer (:
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My sister really loves this
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Good idea and nice result!
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Love is deadly, and blind
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Love hurts. But when you heal, the realization that it's all over is the best feeling in the world..... Right next to the microwave.... The microwave is the best feeling.
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Very Creative and cool, love it
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