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This is so sweet, it made my heart melt!

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Awesome art! Love the details!

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reminds me of red and charizard

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OMG Seto Kaiba is so cute with Blue Eyes
BTW Seto Kaiba is my sempai who ships us!
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Good work and cute.
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This. Is. Beautiful!!!!!! O_O  
One day?? That's all it took you? You have great talent!
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It depends if I'm feeling inspired or not xD sometimes I draw something in few hours and sometimes I can't even get a sketch done in the same amount of time -.-
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Kaiba! YGO was my part of my teenage  years from middle school to freshman year in high school. It brings back memories. I met one of my best friends with YGO. hehe
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I get the same feeling whenever I think about YGO too ;) 
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The other day when he and I went out we were remembering the only time we got in trouble in Ms. Lowe's English class. I don't even know what we were talking about that made her scold us and he said, "Probably Yu-Gi-Oh!" That was 10 years ago... Asuna Embarrassed Icon 
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This is actually wonderful. My god.
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I can't help but think of How to Train Your Dragon. It has a similar look.
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I wasn't thinking of that during the making of this, but I might have done that subconsciously since How to Train your Dragon is my favourite DreamWorks movie of all time, or should I say my favourite USA animated movie of all time o.o
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It is a very good movie with a good story.:DNod 
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This is such a great moment you created with Kaiba and his Blue-Eyes. I like that Blue-Eyes has a glow to it. Nice work.
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