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Nikola Tesla vs Howard Stark

More S.H.I.E.L.D. vol 1 fanart. (Surprise, I know.) Nikola Tesla vs Howard Stark and his magic tech gun armor stuff.

;u; I want to coat my life with this comic. Happy sobs.

(Edit: switched the names around to reflect their proper positioning. It's late and I haven't slept. :u)
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Everything in your memory, Sir Tesla.
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Is this an actual comic, an if so where can i get it?
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Funny enough, I see them more working together with a mutual understanding of each others genius than fighting...

But I guess other things got in the way.  Or they are TOO much alike...
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WhatItMeansToBeHuman's avatar
This is beyond cool *_*
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Now THIS would be awesome to see on the big screen!
I can't be the only one who thinks Howard Stark and Tesla look alike. (Although it's Tony who made the suit)
DukkaDukkaDukka's avatar
You know, I wonder why noone has done Tesla vs. Edison.
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Bloody epic. Go Tesla!
Lemme guess. The random is pigeon is because they are in Yankeetown Central, alias New York City.
Tesla likes pigeons
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The suit reminds me of the suit from singularity.
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This is so epic!!! What exactly is this comic called? Just want to know. Also WHAT MANNER OF TOOLS DID YOU USE TO DRAW THIS MASTERPIECE???!!! It's brilliant... but I must say, I actually thought the guy on the wright was a young Nikola...
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EPIC. This is epic. Was Tesla ever a comic book character? If not, WHY not?! I would kick some butt. Personally, I think the suit Tesla is wearing seems more appropriate to Stark. Well, no matter. To each his own I suppose. Awesome job. Bravo!
P.S. the pigeon is a conundrum
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I was reading some stuff about him.. overall, he and his works were incredible, like some crazy and great chararacter from comic..
if the character that'd be based on Tesla was well-created, this would be a great tribute to him c:
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This is just completely fabulous. I love you for this.
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Btw, amazing work. *virtual high five*
TeslaFan4ever's avatar
So Tesla in on the left, yes?
lYippeeKiYayl's avatar
Wait, Nikola Tesla was in a comic? Were, how, and when?!
Maxthehedgehog1's avatar
I approve this message/ artwork.
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