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You Couldn't Disappoint Me... by LadyAutumnIvy You Couldn't Disappoint Me... by LadyAutumnIvy
The plus side of having your own fancy camera, you can self-photograph your cosplays! Well kind of. 

So Commander Ilan Shepard, I am in love with this cosplay (wait till the N7 armor is done) but one thing I don't love is unfinished stories. So I suppose this picture is my way of finishing an unfinished story.

So in the game series, I romanced Thane <3 well you can imagine the mess I was when he had to die in ME3 soooo I took to fanfics because what else does a geek girl do with her life when her favorite character dies? So in my fanfic, Thane lives (No WAY!) it's a whole complicated story that I get really deep with that involves curing Thane's Kepral's Syndrome and Shepard being brought back to life kinda (a third time) after choosing the paragon option in ME3 at the end. The Alliance wanted Shep back so they got their hands on the Lazarus project files (one day I'll upload the story) but as you can tell from the picture. Commander Ilan Shepard married Thane on the Normandy before turning herself into the Alliance, and here she found an old datapad that contains the saddest love note ever (Thane's letter to Shep) she reads it and gets all teary eyed and such because it's still sad especially since she's under house arrest and can't see him.

Well here's how extra I got with everything here: The datapad the writing is the letter to Shep from Thane, next to the love letter there's a set of squiggles, well those aren't just ordinary squiggles, that's actually an image I got a hold of that shows the heartbeat of a person who is near their lover, and while grabbing that image I came across a fact that when lovers are near each other their hearts beat at the same rate and pace. So knowing that, I doubled that heartbeat when I was making the screen and placed them next to each other, so that's the heartbeats of two lovers you see. Well I went further with my symbolism, though the wedding band is silver it has two types of stones lining either side of the band (the actual band will be made by me once I get the materials in because go big or go home for my cosplays), one side has raw Jaspar which is one of the gemstones symbolic for Earth (Shep's home planet), the other side has raw aquamarine which is a gemstone symbolic for the element of water, Kahje (Thane's current home world) the stones are set on a band (though I said silver) that's made of meteorite, so that stands for space and that unites and holds the stones. Their both raw gemstones instead of polished (beside the fact that raw stones are cheaper) because both Shep and Thane are a little broken, a little rough around the edges, and pretty scarred so this just shows that they're not perfect but are still beautiful in a natural way. How's THAT for symbolism? (I tend to be a deep thinker)

Photo Taken by Myself
Photo Editing done by Me
STan94 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Wow, I thought this was a 3d render
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