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A memory once locked away
For many a day, it was locked away,
The memory of pain was so far away.
Now forced upon me once again,
A memory I now write again.
The memory of love now crushed,
A memory once locked away.
The pain of the memory, once so great,
Until now had faded, dull was its state.
Like an iron vice around my chest,
The pain, now renewed, a pest.
The memory of pain now renewed,
A memory once locked away.
The memory was that of a love undivided,
Since then, was struck down and cruel.
The crushing pain nearly killed me.
That's what forced me to carry on.
The pain and defiance was brought from
A memory now locked away.
:iconladyashleykarazura:LadyAshleyKarazura 1 0
Red Knight
The night was almost disappointingly uneventful. My body was surging with adrenaline and I couldn’t sleep at all. Even as comfortable as I was, I ended up staring at the briefcase all night. Something about the Black Phoenix logo was so clearly important. I had to be important to have been entrusted with whatever was inside of the briefcase. As soon as it gets bright enough I leave the cave and scan the woods in front of the cave with my eyes. I can tell I’m getting hungry, but I begin to walk south again.
There isn’t much I can do about the lost soul on the plane I was in yesterday, but to say a prayer that his sacrifice would not be in vain. That whatever cause he was transporting me for was the right one.
As I walk, I hear radio chatter to my left, and I lower into an instinctive crouch, moving with near military precision.
“As we understand it, the government found the plane yesterday, but they couldn’t find her. Neither could Black Phoenix, its why we
:iconladyashleykarazura:LadyAshleyKarazura 1 6
Lost and Confused
I couldn't tell you much about me, other than my head is hurting, I am a young woman, and I just woke up screaming in a forest. That’s about the extent of my knowledge right now. Oh and I have shoulder length bronze colored hair. I’m glad it’s not cold out; otherwise I’d probably freeze to death. My pale skin touches the damp forest floor and as I put pressure on my hands to get myself upright, they sink in with a kind of slurping suction.
As I get to my feet, I hear the light patting sound of rain on the leaves of the trees overhead. Where am I, who am I? Am I a Doctor? Am I a lawyer? I take a few uneasy steps and trip on a tall root, sticking out of the ground and fall onto my forearms, fortunate not to injure myself beyond the bumps and minor cuts I already have.
“Come on, I don’t even know who I am, and I’m falling and getting hurt.” I groan through the mental fog as I push myself to my feet again.
My nails are painted royal blue, and
:iconladyashleykarazura:LadyAshleyKarazura 0 0




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Elizabeth Louise
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I am Liz, at least that is what you can call me. I am a fan fiction writer, a geek, tall, thin, a good archer. If I were graceful in running and had pointed ears, you could call me an elf. My profile pic and avatar were done by a good friend of mine. I'm currently training to be a black smith as well as in school to get an accounting degree, but I'm too tall to be a Dwarf. Either way I'm probably one of the toughest most bad ass chicks you'll meet.


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