Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 13 - Elves

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Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 13 - Elves

Welcome to the thirteenth issue of my weekly news article!  I hope you enjoy it, and please, show the featured artists some love and recognition through pageviews, :+fav:'s and :+devwatch:'s!
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This week's creature feature is:  Elves.

From Wikipedia :

An elf is a creature of Germanic mythology... who are often pictured as youthful-seeming men and women of great beauty living in forests and underground places and caves, or in wells and springs. They have been portrayed to be long-lived or immortal and as beings of magical powers.
The first appearance of modern fantasy elves occurred in The King of Elfland's Daughter, a 1924 novel by Lord Dunsany. The next modern work featuring elves was The Hobbit, a 1937 book by J. R. R. Tolkien. Elves played a major role in many of Tolkien's later works, notably The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien's writing has such popularity that in the 1960s and afterwards, elves similar to those in Tolkien's novels became staple non-human characters in high fantasy works and in fantasy role-playing games.
Post-Tolkien fantasy elves (popularized by the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game) tend to be more beautiful and wiser than humans, with sharper senses and perceptions. They are also said to be much more gifted in magic and stronger mentally but not physically (although this can be disputed by comparing human advances in technology to the somewhat rustic elven technology). It used to be that elves didn't have facial hair, and were considered androgynous. However, lately in most media, elves have light facial hair, and larger lips. A hallmark of fantasy elves is also their long and pointed ears (a convention begun with a note of Tolkien's that the ears of elves were "leaf-shaped"). Elves of the Tolkien mold have become standardized staple characters of modern fantasy.

Now, for the features!  Works are featured from various categories, in no particular order:

Elvish by Saimain Elf Queen by alanlathwell Custom Elrond Action Figure by ladyarah Rowen by IvannaMatilla Falling in Love by Irulana love by satiiiva
Lord of the Rings Plush Doll by bbeetoy Such a Feeling...I have.. by TashaChan Elven Couple by Taurina A Puredrop of Sunshine, my Elf by AreeElf :thumb49359182: Elf musician - 01 by scargeear
Rivendell Elves by noe6 Rune by SelinaFenech Shanyssa by DesignsByEve Arumat by Ecthelian White Roses by DesertAngel :thumb109252484:
Wow Gift - Narnya by Nadou commission: gold elves by emteaART Elven Dreams - the Queen by Wyrdling queen of the elvish sea's by bahamutssoul :thumb9164098: Peekaboo by Saimain
Legend of Zelda - Link Cosplay by LiKovacs The Raven . by Achiru-et-al Miria by Vyrhelle-VyrL Arwen by SimonPovey feel my heart by Tanael Transcendence by Saimain
The Elfin King and Queen by yaamas :thumb92019360: Aveyond II by Saimain :thumb122984690: :thumb81676681: Troll Hunter by kerembeyit
Follow me... by OmeN2501 elf by Himmlich Enchanted by Deligaris El Elf-2-Armor by LadySaishan :thumb97406558:
Thranduil-v.2 by Cin320 :thumb106898680: Luthien by Syntheta-NZ Nathyrra, Eladam Heiress by Vyrhelle-VyrL


Thank you so much for viewing, and come back next week for a different inhabitant of the Realms of Fantasy and Myth!

~Arah :heart:

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Stunning artwork!
Thank you for adding me!!=)