Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 12 - Halflings

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Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 12 - Halflings

Welcome to the twelfth issue of my weekly news article!  I hope you enjoy it, and please, show the featured artists some love and recognition through pageviews, :+fav:'s and :+devwatch:'s!
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This week's creature feature is:  Halflings (originally known as Hobbits).

From Wikipedia

Hobbits are a fictional diminutive race in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium who inhabit the lands of Middle-earth. They are named "Halflings" by most of Middle-earth, and "Periannath" by the Elves.
Hobbits first appeared in the J. R. R. Tolkien novel, The Hobbit, in which the main protagonist, Bilbo Baggins, is a hobbit. The main protagonist of The Lord of the Rings, Frodo Baggins, is a hobbit, as are his friends and co-protagonists, Samwise Gamgee, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck.
However the word "Hobbit" is a trademark owned by the Tolkien estate. For this reason Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy most often refer to hobbit-like creatures by another name, most commonly as halflings (alternatives include hin in the Mystara universe, hurthlings in Ancient Domains of Mystery, and Bobbits in the Ultima series.
In the prologue to The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien writes that Hobbits are between two and four feet (0.66m - 1.33m) tall, the average height being two feet three inches (60-80 cm). They dress in bright colours, favouring yellow and green. They are adept with slings and throwing stones. Their feet are covered with curly hair (usually brown, as was the hair on their heads) with leathery soles, so most Hobbits hardly ever wear shoes. Hobbits can sometimes live for up to 130 years, although their average life expectancy is 100 years. The time at which a young Hobbit "comes of age" is 33, thus a fifty-year-old Hobbit would only be entering middle age.
Hobbits are not quite as stocky as the similarly-sized dwarves, but still tend to be stout, with slightly pointed ears.

Now, for the features!  Works are featured from various categories, in no particular order:

Tempest McBriarfoot by Nuttman73 Meriadoc Brandybuck by napalmnacey The Hobbit and the Squirrel by Toradh Hobbit Lass by leloi Nivy the hobbit by IvannaMatilla Custom Frodo Action Figure by ladyarah
a hobbit's pub by MarineElphie Dave the Killer Halfling by EvilEdison The keeper of my kitchen by zeravla :thumb41347552: :thumb11957669: LotR:  Stay the cause by Saimain
Join Me For Tiffin? by Sigrdrifa1 Hobbit-Hole by Gejda Del Briarberry for Reaper by GHarris :thumb108129588: 12. Hobbit Hole by strikeaposephoto Jillian And Talbit by CoyotesLaugh
Hobbits Crossing by bethahnee Marimm The Hobbit by Maxa-art Merry and Estella by SapphireGamgee Bilbo Miniature by HollyRoseBriar In Port Antifo by Ralein Halfling by Palas-Atenea
Restful by mainbearing Little Hobbit by Caelkriss Sam by Orpheelin LOTRO: Honey Love by senny :thumb42598512:
Hobbit 1 by Moonstar4183 Gehko Bindus: Rogue by IzzyMedrano :thumb4008105: :thumb13092267: Ravenloft by Kethaera Halfling Squire by TerryTibke
Halfling for my Dad by insomniacvampire Natty Simplefoot by EvilEdison :thumb92075055: :thumb102782578: Hobbit Lass by xAquariax :thumb125007909:
Disney Princess Hobbits 3 by SapphireGamgee :thumb77999652: :thumb2123945: :thumb5423837: Frodo Resubmission by leeru Bilbo by BrothersHildebrandt


Thank you so much for viewing, and come back next week for a different inhabitant of the Realms of Fantasy and Myth!

~Arah :heart:

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