Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 11 - Dryad

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Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 11 - Dryad

Welcome to the eleventh issue of my weekly news article!  I hope you enjoy it, and please, show the featured artists some love and recognition through pageviews, :+fav:'s and :+devwatch:'s!
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This week's creature feature is:  Dryad.

From Wikipedia

Dryads are tree nymphs in Greek mythology. In Greek drys signifies 'oak,' from an Indo-European root *derew(o)- 'tree' or 'wood'. Thus dryads are specifically the nymphs of oak trees, though the term has come to be used for all tree nymphs in general.  
Dryads, like all nymphs, were supernaturally long-lived and tied to their homes, but some were a step beyond most nymphs. These were the hamadryads who were an integral part of their trees, such that if the tree died, the hamadryad associated with it died as well.
Dryads are mentioned in Milton's Paradise Lost, in Coleridge, and in Thackeray's work The Virginians. In the poetry of Donald Davidson they illustrate the themes of tradition and the importance of the past to the present. The poet Sylvia Plath uses them to symbolize nature in her poetry in "On the Difficulty of Conjuring up a Dryad", and "On the Plethora of Dryads".

Now, for the features!  Works are featured from various categories, in no particular order:

Portrait of a Dryad by delfee :thumb104812763: Dryad by ladyarah spring dryad by cannibol :thumb129936475: Weeping Dryad by adorna
:thumb37718451: Dryad by NeorageX09 Dryad by Izabella Dryad Faery Mask by phee-adornments Dryad by jflasher Cloaked in Moss by nolwen
Dryad by pixelfish The Fruit by maina The fae realms: Dryad by Fairy-of-the-Woods Ensnared by DigiAvalon :thumb101490195:

Mature Content

Breena by Erynn83

:thumb112623193: Gloriana by magpie-poet :thumb6986331: The Dryad by Erynn83 jiv-local contest entry by maramiranda Woodland Nymph by yaamas
Dryad by Starfeather Dryad 3 by jen-kollic The Dryad by Xilstudio Treewoman or dryad by faefall Summer Oak by BlondeWitch Death of a Dryad by Llewenayah
The Dryad by EnchantedMasquerade

Mature Content

Dryad by VanOxymore
Portrait of a Dryad by Poopgoblyn :thumb91732369: :thumb101389715: Of The Earth by enchantedgal
:thumb5636467: Poseable Dryad mostly done by elvenelysium :thumb121240626: Awakening Dryad by MadElfTk Aiustha, the DOTA dryad by SandsGonzaga Male Dryad by RachelCurtis
dryad by pixieface Nature: Dryad by tigerzi Sylvan Dryad by AreeElf Emmett and Esme 2 by adartstudio Dryad by riamali Dryad Forest by Jakdaw


Thank you so much for viewing, and come back next week for a different inhabitant of the Realms of Fantasy and Myth!

~Arah :heart:

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Thanks for featuring my dryad. It's one of my older works, but it's nice to see her getting some air. :)