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Starlight (Patreon Reward- Jan 2017)

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Communism and Capitalism 
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wow! your art is amazing!
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Wow look at Starlight. :) (Smile) Giggle 
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Very cool, great way to do before and after.
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Nice subtle differences.
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I love the cutiemark shadow thing in the background. I love [reformed] Starlight's face, too. ^u^
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I LOVE Starlight in her new mane! :love: /) Starlight Glimmer (Nervous Smile) mlp season 6 :iconstarlightsnobbishplz: :iconstarlightcuteplz: :iconstarlightbigeyeplz: :iconstarlightcutebagplz: 
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I always liked her first hairstyle over her reformed one.
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I'm the opposite; I prefer her reformed one. I think it's cuter.
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