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MLP - The Lost Princesses (COMIC)

By LadyAniDraws
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I give you, my next pony concept. 

Mini Princess Crusaders!! Ain't they fuckin' cute?!

A distant continuation of:


Little thing you need to know:

- Lulu is a magicless unicorn
- Cessa is an Earth Pony. (My headcanon is Celestia started as a powerless Earth pony and had to learned Magic, Earth magic, and flight similar to Avatar Wan)
- Cady is a Pegasus who flies like Scootaloo
- This arc takes place six years after Tirek's defeat so the universe changes a bit.



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where the next one
plz make more there r only 3
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Luna has a particular set of skills she will find him and she will kill him
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Can you make me a comic of them turning into fillies as Luna and Celestia's wings shrank away, Cadence and Celestia's horns shrank away and Luna and Cadence became weaker
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So funny. I didn't expect them to be bungee jumping. 
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This is the kind of speech that drives conspiracy theories about Princesses still being alive (and this being a massive cover-up). I mean, what kind of grief/bad-news breaking speech is this??? "Yep! They're all safe! They're dead!" ...
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no Twilight, it's BABALITY, not FATALITY
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*Whoo-hoo* Another chance to start life anew?
Count me in!
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That day, Equestria fell to Total Anarchy and war broke up between various political factions, leading to thousands of deaths and to the disintegration of the country into city states... because of a ''white lie''.

That would totally happen, within just a SLIGHTLY more realistic Universe.
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I don't think you can really call it "head canon" when it is blatantly defying given canon. I'm pretty sure it's just fiction then... or stubbornness... or delusion... or something. I'm too sleepy to think of the right word, probably 'fiction' though.
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That was great the princesses make great CMCs lol. Also so adorable.
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Because Twilight really wants to rule Equestria and who would believe the Princess's were now Fillys under her care? Ones she can drown anytime she wishes...
GreatTeacherDiCenso's avatar
Bit of a harsh thing to do to your subjects just to get a vacation, ladies!
uncommentator's avatar
no. no you can't.
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adorable mode activated I WILL TAKE WOONA HOME WITH ME NOW! sooo adorwable squee! ( ehem) *Adorable levels overloaded!*
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I spotted a Pun pony~
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If your headcanon was canonicized, I'd think that at the end of the series, the CMC would get the thrones of Celestia, Cadence, and Luna.
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Vacation as a kid?? Best. Vacation. Ever.
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...And watching this :).
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:bulletred: PART 2 is HERE: :bulletred:
MLP - The Little Crusaders II (COMIC) by AniRichie-Art
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I'm sorta confused. They're supposed to be dead, but they reverted back to their filly years? Is this like your head canon for alicorns when they are "killed"?
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The 'Dead' thing was a lie/excuse. :XD:
Part 2 explains it. 
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