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Encore: I am Octavia - PAGE 04 (COMIC)

Commission by: :iconrated-r-ponystar:
Support his work:

I'm doing something new here and beginning a new set of comics based on I AM OCTAVIA!

Next Pages will be coming within the next couple of weeks so look out for them!

PAGE 01:

PAGE 02:

PAGE 03:


PAGE 05:



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BeesMeliss's avatar

Derpy still tries tp keep her smile...

brandonthebeast34's avatar
I love dark stuff but this kinda  heavy :( 
Centaur71's avatar
GAWD DAMN this hurts like hell! Octavia will be an emotional train wreck the rest of her days, won't she?  :'-(
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh my, this is sad, I kind of hoping it is a nightmare for Octavia. I hate seeing all those ponies sad, poor Octavia.
TheWrathOfPurple's avatar
If this is a prank I'm going to fucking kill you.

Also why would it be.....
I hope it is.
meh1428's avatar
anyone else notice derpy's smirking?
Yeah, what's up with that?
Mikkillerib's avatar
I think its meant as a reassuring smile.
power-nico's avatar
tears Princess Luna said that this is just a nightmare.
R31C4RD0's avatar
Umm... RIP in Pepperonis?
enderman89's avatar
Why do you play with my emotions? cried Pinkie Pie icon 
SilverYuno1's avatar
Stop..I can't take it anymore...
firecharge44371's avatar
Suddenly Vinyl is a vampire pony
sinful2's avatar
Why would she? Vinyl has no reason to haunt her if she herself felt bad for not being there for Tavi's concert, and it wasn't really Tavi's fault that Vinyl got run over. This was a traumatic event for Octavia and she doesn't really need to be tortured about it. The most Ghost Vinyl would want to do would probably be to comfort her in any way possible.

I know you probably meant this as a joke but, I think Vinyl, as much as she likes to joke around, she wouldn't go as far as to play dead or just haunt Octavia for something she had no hoof in for the sole purpose of a joke.
AJR001's avatar
Time to get a can of Danisnotonfire: FEELS ... :XD:
liuhyhung123's avatar
plot twist: it's just a prank
andaverde's avatar
oh god damn it!
i was hoping for something! anything happy! why must you take my joy away!?
Vinyl would hate to see all these ponies sitting around moping. There'd better be a killer wake scheduled.
ForNoGR's avatar
derpys face kinda kills the sad moment.
Indigo-lite's avatar
That was the saddest story Pinkie pie (sad) plz ever 
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