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Encore: I am Octavia - PAGE 03 (COMIC)

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Commission by: :iconrated-r-ponystar:
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I'm doing something new here and beginning a new set of comics based on I AM OCTAVIA!

Next Pages will be coming within the next couple of weeks so look out for them!

PAGE 01:

PAGE 02:


PAGE 04:

PAGE 05:


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Sorry? Why would she be? Did she wrong Vinyl?
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Mr-AstoundingHobbyist Writer
think of it this way: even though she wasn't the one to hit Vinyl with that chariot, Octavia feels it's HER fault that DJ-PON3 ended up in the hospital: after all, that accident wouldn't have happened if the cellist hadn't figuratively tossed her best friend out onto the street...
put simply, are you familiar with the term "survivor's guilt"? think that, and subtract knowing whether or not if the friend is dead yet...
kneestocking96's avatar
I think it's pretty incredible how you can tell the story entirely through the visuals without including any dialogue.
I'm guessing that the story will have some focus on Octavia's regret, since it would appear the conversation she had with Vinyl at the beginning of the song was the last time that she ever spoke to her.
LadyAniDraws's avatar
LadyAniDrawsStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much. =3
kneestocking96's avatar
As sad as this comic has been so far, I look forward to seeing more.
izzyo816's avatar
izzyo816Student Traditional Artist
resurrection? please? :'( 
Lupineborn's avatar
LupinebornHobbyist General Artist
You're breaking my heart :tears: 
Let this have a happy ending somehow, please Cry emote 
LadyAniDraws's avatar
LadyAniDrawsStudent Digital Artist
Derpyfan99's avatar
Derpyfan99Hobbyist Digital Artist
though i also am doing a continuation from I Am Octavia, i do not plan on such a sad ending path. i was going to make it more heartwarming... despite having mutilated vinyl in the first chapter XD
CYBERPUNK-FOXStudent Digital Artist
You should go for it.
Derpyfan99's avatar
Derpyfan99Hobbyist Digital Artist
i already did, long before finding this, actually.…

wrote it a while ago, just haven't gotten round to continuing it yet
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MikkilleribHobbyist Artist
And it just happens that i decided to listen to Only Time by Enya right before checking my comics list.
Feels very fitting for whats happening on this page.
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LordStalinV2Hobbyist Writer
Read a comic while are you listening this… , and try not cry a lot.
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Aaaah what




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Why.... why you do this rated?  Why do you do this!?
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:iconvinylglassesplz: - "And that's how Octavia found out I was really a vampire."
Drakenhof's avatar
Be nice with the people you love; you will never know when you will see them for the last time, and you don´t want a bad memory or mistake pursuing you for the rest of your life.
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liuhyhung123Hobbyist Digital Artist
get back in my eye tears
AJR001's avatar
Well, looks like the wubs didn't save Vinyl in this occasion. ^^;
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Robotic-Turtle's avatar
It was me, I'm sorry. D:
DJPon-3isthebestpony's avatar
DJPon-3isthebestponyHobbyist General Artist would this happen to the scratch
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uncommentatorHobbyist General Artist
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MrSoniccloudHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lucky for me I already had my "Feels Vault" locked tight, not even a manly tear shall come out of my eyes...
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