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COMIC - I Am Octavia 5.5

You ever have one of those moments of inspiration where you just want to draw something really fucked up and be a really really horrible person?
Rub the salt into the wound?

Oh yeah, it happened again. 
I really cannot let go of "I Am Octavia, I Am Alone" and so I wanted to make my own "alternate ending" to it.



Oh wait. 

Back to where we started eh Octy? XD

I got this horrible idea while livestreaming and said: "YES! I HAVE TO DRAW THIS!! "


I have issues. ^____^

And I apologize.  :3

Original story commissioned by :iconrated-r-ponystar:
THIS comic is in no relation to the original comic stories, it's its own separate "alternate" take on IAOIAA!

Read the originals here:

PAGE 01:

PAGE 02:

PAGE 03:

PAGE 04:

PAGE 05:



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jamesfinch's avatar
Umm, did OCty murder Vinyl through remote thrown at high speed? Or is this just a grief-induced hallucination?
I don´t know if it makes me a very evil person but I am laughing at what have you done! Real, fit of laughing

If laughing at this makes one evil, then let us be evil. Hilarious comic.

babytink1's avatar
the vinyl is a lie
MilkShaker1's avatar
XD her grave said Octi wheres the remote
ijustloveit619's avatar
Finished the job XD
Marcsello's avatar
I'm not sure that I should thinking on what's that shape on that spade, or not...
Dynamo-Clan's avatar
No worries, it is Vinyl's horn and muzzle.
Marcsello's avatar
Oh, okay then :D *phew*
Phoenix360's avatar
We all have issues, don't apologies XD
ExceedinglyFabulousP's avatar
for reals, this time.
killed me!
Sneshneeorfa's avatar
Another dark comedy MLP comic artist! 
LadyAniDraws's avatar
Well I'm not a dark artist per se, I'm more into light hearted slapstick comedy, but I delve here and there once in a while if I get a sudden fucked up idea. XD
Sneshneeorfa's avatar
Nothing wrong with dark comedy MLP comics...
It's what I specialize in... F2U Pinkamena Icon 
SPARTAN064's avatar
I just thought of a horrible idea as well...

Vinyl does not announce herself like here, but then "haunts" Octavia by just appearing at the house at random times, then quickly disappearing. Like eating breakfast, then slipping out the door when Octi comes into the kitchen, or running past her while she's walking, or even whispering to her while she sleeps. And does this for about a week or so, long enough to get enough doubt going, then Vinyl starts running her life as normal.
Charmless-Crescent97's avatar
How's that different then what she usually did?
SPARTAN064's avatar
Not much, really... but Vinyl didn't get buried every day.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Don't worry she'll be back, after a few more drawings and coloring then Vinyl be fresh new, like nothing happen
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was hilarious, thank you. Now Octy is all sad again.
Centaur71's avatar
I think I'm a clone now; or, body of evidence or, a grave mistake, or...
Q99's avatar
Hah, that's great :D
GolliatTaillog's avatar
*Vynil pops up saying it was just another copy*

Actually this could never end.
AJR001's avatar
That shovel just showed how hard Octavia can really hit. And also, Vinyl I hope you got a resurrection spell handy before you bought the farm... ^^; :XD:
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