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COM - Where In Equestria Is Prince Blueblood?

Commission to: N. Tran

Don't come between a Princess and her cake.



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Thank you for this comic that guy was a ass hole
Godzilla278's avatar
Your. Right he is asshole in 1 season and today
HisBestFantasyEverXD's avatar
Why does Pinkie Pie even ask for Blueblood anyways...?
Hatchetstein4Real's avatar
And to think that was her nephew. Sheesh... XD 
TheCurryAstute's avatar
NEVER. EVER! call Celestia fat
astrofan1993's avatar
As boorish and obnoxious as Blueblood was, I don't see him as the type of pony who is evil and conniving.  I recently read a couple of MLP fanfics on FimFiction, and he was the main villain in them, trying to usurp the throne from Celestia and Luna.  I honestly don't think he's capable of that, either from an intellectual, emotional, mental, or physical standpoint.
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I'm actually glad that he's gone 'cause I hate him so much for what he did to Rarity at the Grand Galloping Gala
DoodleSketchGirl's avatar
Is that a real reason to hate him?
StellaEX's avatar
How would his flesh have decayed?  I don't think there's any bacteria on the moon.
jo-jo999freak's avatar
Thank Nightmare Moon.
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Butttttttt, he was in the stadium for the Equestria Games in the Crystal Empire...
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This is pretty funny.
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Luna looked disturbingly happy to see what's about to happen to Prince Blueblood.
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Perhaps because she thought Celestia would start a relationship with him.
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
can't celestia banish other ponies besides the moon?
fyre-byrd's avatar
Here's another thing: doesn't Blueblood have the right to a fair trial?
rautamiekka's avatar
Eh, I'm pretty sure such actions aren't even of consideration for her. She just needed the EoH to seal NmM onto the Moon (and most likely to ensure NmM's magic doesn't have shit on hers), so she shouldn't need anything that extremely powerful (remember that EoH is more powerful than Discord, a single being who can manipulate a world into whatever he pleases, and it stays that way) to banish a drunk unicorn onto any reasonably nearby planet.
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