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COM - The New Resident (COMIC)

By LadyAniDraws
Commission to: N. Tran

The story of a new resident of Ponyville, slowly delving into MADNESS! 

The ponies in this town are CRAZY!!!!



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© 2015 - 2021 LadyAniDraws
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Did anyone else notice that when Bon-Bon got her tail back, her cutie mark went missing?

Coolposh's avatar

Wooooow, so that's how she got to be a barking lunatic. No offence, Screwy...

victorfazbear's avatar
welcome to everything wrong with ville
Midnite-Wolfe's avatar
This explains... so much...
nitrogain's avatar
I couldn't breath at the cyclops pony and at his punxDDDD
Nexus639's avatar
And that's how Screwloose came to be
Toonwatcher's avatar
And now you know why only Pinkie Pie is allowed to see past the fourth wall. There's scary sh*t out there.
THISONEGIRL12's avatar
RandomeLight's avatar
This explains everything! :D
Shinee--san's avatar
OH!....that makes much more sense! =D
hero1211's avatar
what the...DISCORD!
RainbowWhooves521's avatar
well...that makes sense
verdigry's avatar
this explains so much...
ResterxApocalipxe's avatar
Ya le jodieron la cabeza
foldabotZ's avatar
Fluttershy (sad) plz Discord, Look at what you did to the new move-in!
Discord Icon 3 I've NO idea what your on about, Fluttershy!Discord (idea evil) plz *Internal evil laughter*
zsocreed's avatar
That explains everything!
CrystalPastelKitty's avatar
No, you should get your EYE checked. Also, this explains EVERYTHING. XD
meepking123's avatar
um is makes no sense
pinkaloha31's avatar
Animation errors x3 
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Not everypony can be "fourth wall"-aware and take it in stride...

:iconpinkiefaceplz:  ". . ."
leebk201's avatar
This is amazing.
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
This is either the funniest or the saddest thing I've seen today.
Supafoxxeh's avatar
She went loco really cocoa. I mean fast.
EquestianRacer's avatar
That explains everything
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