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COM - Sisterly Stargazing (COMIC)

By LadyAniDraws
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Those comets sure STING!
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i like the idea of Luna being able to do tricks with meteors and comets.

somehow this made me think of an old Uncle Scrooge comic book where his old adversary, Magica De Spell, made a powerful wand that allowed her to do amazing tricks. she brought down a fiery comet that hit Scrooge's money bin, but he cooled it off with a bunch of ice water. so then she used a big meteor...not only was the bin was unscathed thanks to some fancy gadget (i think it was called a magnetic depolarizer) but the meteor was full of gold and diamonds-so scrooge came out ahead!
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IRON WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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her eyes are bleeding and its lunas!!!!!!!!!!
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I get the feeling Luna took lessons from Christopher Robin...
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wait!nothing makes sense here! shooting star? seriously? :D
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Luna is more powerful. That is why Celestia only had to use a superweapon that could destroy anything if wanted to.
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Loyalty to The Solar Empire!
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You do realize that Luna isn't powerful at all? Celestia could run Equestria on her own, and do her sisters job of bringing the moon up, even without her. 

Then Luna decided ''Hey, you know what would be cool? Misery for everyone who wants to see sun.'' 

She's an huge asshole, or was, and that is the end of the story.
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well to all the comics where celestia has just trolled luna celestia pay back hurts alot
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OBJECTION! Comets are made of ice! Not fire! She'd have nothing to worry about!
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Celestia: I haven't played  catch in several millennia... I hope I'm still fit to do so...
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Nooo not the comet!!
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tia: [HO S(YAY)T]
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So THAT'S the real reason why she was sent to the moon. I get it: This happened, in the moon, nightmare-moon transformed, with a love for how it was always night. but the sun hurt her eyes. That is why she wanted eternal night. In the first episode, she got rainbow contacts. O3O
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And then Celestia sent her to the moon. The end.
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luna: that what you get for eating my birthday cake

celestia: X.X

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BWAHAHAHAHA. Shining and cadence are next for not inviting luna to the wedding
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