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COM - Return Of The Nightmare (COMIC)

By LadyAniDraws

COMMISSION comic to Anon

I ship Rarity and Hayseed Turniptruck!
Maybe next time Luna!

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Now she's going to turn into Nightmare Moon for real!

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They are the same pony
and the day was saved once again by Random Hillbilly Stallion!
FlareEmerald77's avatar
Luna White White Eyes You Have (Princess Luna) You are so getting Krueger dreams!
T8B2001's avatar
Why the heck is she mad he just freakin stopped nightmare moon!?
PrimeTF's avatar
Luna was pulling a prank on Rarity, but was angry because Hayseed foiled her plans.
T8B2001's avatar
Maybe... Good thinking
krieger11's avatar
very clever :)
CatGoatSnake's avatar
Rainbow powers go!
shena12345's avatar
Well.That Failed
HatersHateYou's avatar
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
RUN MAN! RUN!!! :0!!!!!
BadWolf1000's avatar
I have a feeling nightmare moon is just allergic to rainbows...
liuhyhung123's avatar
i think all the bad guy in mlp is allergic to rainbows
LittleBearCub25's avatar
And Friendship. And Happiness.
MLPRocks190's avatar
Fixes everything.
iamli3's avatar
there isn't enough rainbow that stuck to her.....

but yeah that's fim's plot devices in a nut shell lol....
SnowflakeThePony337's avatar
badooshk's avatar
XD rari-flee last panel
korqatt's avatar
PonyFan2014's avatar
Ya i knew it was the rainbows! Everyvillans weakness! TASTE THE RAINBOW again...
HawkflightOfThunder's avatar
Get rid of Nightmare, and you'll have nightmares!
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