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COM - One Punch Pony (COMIC)

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Published: December 14, 2015
© 2015 - 2020 LadyAniDraws
Commission to: N. Tran

Have a destructive Season finale villain? Why sic Maud and Lily Longsocks on them. They got this!

Sorry Twilight, you're not needed for this timeline! Take a lunch break. 

Tumblr: dysfunctionalequestria.tumblr.…


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- Miss Trini | AniRichie 2015
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Saitama would like to know how to get to Equestria.
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NightShadeLGHobbyist General Artist
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Multiple normal punches.
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The only reason Lord Tirek had to be defeated with Rainbow Power was because Discord knew not to take Tirek to the Pie family farm.
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It's sad that the only reason Sombra still lives in the alternate timeline is because Maud wanted to get the secret of crystals out of him first.
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Lily Longsocks as Maud's 'apprentice' is just brilliant
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SeekerPartyStudent Photographer
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Maud, she is aware of the changing timelines....
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who's Lily Longsocks? is she a new Pony OC?
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LadyAniDrawsStudent Digital Artist
She was in the show as the strong filly in the episode CRUSADERS OF THE LOST MARK.
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Wait, is that her official name?
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LadyAniDrawsStudent Digital Artist
Fanon name.
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Meh. Good enough.
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Fanon name, real pony, AWESOMEST FILLY EVER. Introduced casually lifting a building to get at a ball.…
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swirlieeStudent General Artist
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This is the most awesome thing in the history of ever. Mind: blown!
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Wow :O Serious Maud 
Serious Sam Emblem 
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RedSnivyRacerStudent Digital Artist
:D (Big Grin) Giggle Clap 
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Really? It doesn't look like you brought enough rocks for three, but I suppose it's your prerogative to offer.
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