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COM - Not Themselves (COMIC)

By LadyAniDraws
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Commission to: N. Tran

I for one LOVE Twilight's cooking!

The Princesses dun goofed up now!



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I wonder what would happen to if Shining Armor found out about this as Shining and Twilight are BBFFFs? Certainly, Shining would have done something

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Never play April fools on Twilight...and the princesses have a lot of apologizing to do. Maybe Twilight should prank them back.
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Oh shit that’s the wrong calendar
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I'd like to see what'll happen after that!

Mabey twilight's throwing herself onto her bed and cries her eyes out.
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They have a lot of apologizing to do that is if they can find Twilight and if she'll listen to them.
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welp they messed up!
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Goth Luna needs more love...
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Is there going to be a part 2 to this, maybe showing them trying to find Twilight and apologise
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Uh oh...It was at this moment that they knew...they f**ked up.
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Alt Ending:
:iconcadanceplz:: Actually, we're in a leap year!
princess luna : Aw...crapbaskets. :(
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Now we get to see their personalities great comet comet comic book
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what happens next?
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Reading this it almost seems like it would make an interesting fic 
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And no one bothered to check the calendar beforehand?  Idiots.
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Did NOBODY ELSE NOTICE that Shining is in a Racy "Colt of the month" calendar?
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Wait. What if it's NOT a leap year, and it's a Pony Fool's prank by Twily???
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You don't mess with the hay cakes, that's low. She couldn't handle it.
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
My hay cakes?

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"cessa" and "lulu" WOW ugh such names tho
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I liked Goth Luna, she's cool.
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how are they gonna fix this i wonder
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