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COM - Lyra's New Pet (COMIC)

Commission to: N. Tran

Yay, another Fluttershy comic and another comic where I can go over the fucking top with.
I really really loved making this one because it's just so fucking ridiculous, out of character and stupid! XD

The Lummox's second name is "Meat Man" as suggested in my livestream chat. XD


On the topic of ethics with meat in Equestria! My personal canon is in the same universe as Ask Pun Pony's world! (Obviously since I'm also an artist for that tumblr) I follow their rules when it comes to meat and the controversy and ethics behind it. Yes, it exists.

Here are a few comics if you're interested (one drawn by me):……



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"No more butter mommy. I had enough." Anyone else get a Daffy Duck vibe from that?
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'hey fluttershy is this a bad time'


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wait.... divorce? XD       Knew It by TheNeoStrike  
RainbowDashieMLPFan's avatar
it be better if lyra had her human self as a pet lol
DragonBlitz85's avatar
Ready!!! FIGHT~!!!
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
humans are NOT pets you know!!!
nitrogain's avatar
Who knows, in their world (if humans even exist in their world) we are the minority and they're the leaders, so they can basically treat us easily like slaves or pets.
B1BattleDroid's avatar
We know and they know (including bonbon)that humans are not pets, it's only Lyra's obsession mind of human XD Roger Roger
Charmless-Crescent97's avatar
Uncle Ernesto, how did you get here?!?! And how did you stay human?!???!!?!??
MidnightWonko's avatar
Ren and Stimpy reference?  I love it!
Come on, you two, you know that Fluttershy doesn't work with anything that talks.
PoetBrony's avatar
Well... that was hardly talking.
MetalBrony87's avatar
Now it took me a long while that the lummox is actually from a Ren And Stimpy episode.
MeganekkoPlymouth241's avatar
I can't wait to see how many people ask to be Lyra's pet. :P

That being said, this is hilarious. :lmao:

But Maud...welp, good luck finding another pet specialist. Sucks to be you. :P
tokyofox200's avatar
That's it I want a divorce!..heh. Not for or against the pair but funny is funny.. :3
Necromagenvion's avatar
I knew it was a great idea to listen to Ren & Stimpy's Production Music while I was reading this.
meiyeezhu's avatar
For awhile, I thought you were referring to the bugbear
MetalBrony87's avatar
How can Lyra call that brute her pet? He looks like he can easily kill a pony if he ever gets angry.
LadyAniDraws's avatar

There you go. XD
MetalBrony87's avatar
I'm guessing because of Lyra's gullible nature, she chose to hang out with the wrong kind of human. He looks like a burly skinheaded thug.
Helsaabi's avatar
Hehe I think it's probably bear kill monster turn into a meat. 
templar127's avatar
Lyra should've gotten a real-life Brony! XD
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