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COM - Love Is In The Air (COMIC)

:bulletblue: An Adorable Comic Dub for this comic:… by :iconwathingowl: :bulletblue:


Commission to: N. Tran

"Wanna get away?"

:iconbigmacintoshplz: "Eeeyup."

FINALLY! A Fluttershy comic. I haven't been able to make many comics with her.
Here's something for the shippers. Fight amoungst yourselves, I'll just enjoy the show. :p

Also I think I used that title once before but I cannot remember which piece exactly. O.o



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why does he have to choose just go with all 3.

DarkSpyro951's avatar

Boys with the same T-shirt: Bro, cool T-shirt.

Girls with the same T-shirt: *13th panel*

MalihaTheKittyCat's avatar
TheGamerPainter's avatar

Feels like fanart shows deleted or scraped ideas in episodes.

xXMidnightMuffinXx's avatar

Imagine if Big Mac turned out to be gay.

Purpleclaritydimond's avatar

Big Mac: none of you guys

cheerily, marble and fluttershy: then who?

sugar bell: hi Big Mac

sugar bell and Big Mac nussle while the other cry their hearts out

shoji9's avatar
And then Sugar Bell Shows up.
LordStarX101's avatar
And so begins the waifu war.
fanfics4ever's avatar
that's the problem when the female to male Ratio is 3:1
Pikatail's avatar
*laughing* I can picture it now! Big Mac running away with THREE mares on his tail as the Benny Hill theme plays!
LynxPony's avatar
May I dub this if you oki with it?
eta-gamma-14's avatar
In panels six and seven Flutters and Marble are making an anime face.
CT-2525's avatar
Oh don't worry Big Mac, I hear that forming Herds are all the rage now these days.

Though you may still want to take Celly's advice and clear out for a few weeks. Those girls can be pretty rough.
SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
Honestly though Big Mac has been the epiphany of "Most Elligible Bachelor" for what, 6 seasons?
eta-gamma-14's avatar
You mean epitome. Epiphany is "a sudden idea or realization."
oh god yandere simulator but mlp version XD Yandere-simulator Wiki Icon 1/2 Yandere-simulator Wiki Icon 2/2 MLP
SilverTheNekoAgent's avatar
I Was Meant To Be Yours...
Reaper2545's avatar
The only thing is this situation is to be gay
RasenganLucario's avatar
Why do I get a feeling whichever girl wins this is going to pull this little number?…
NightShadeLG's avatar
pfft....he's dead now....*can't holt it in anymore*....BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!! YES! MAKE HIM SUFFER!!! Celestial..if they don't make HIM suffer, I'll make YOU suffer, so don't even THINK about telling him to run, This isn't a DREAM ya know, He can't just spontaneously turn into Princess Big-Mac.... AND IF U TURN HIM INTO A PRINCESS I WILL KILL YOU BOTH! *starts laughing again* HAHAHAHAHA!

(I loved it HAHAHA)
bladra's avatar
....i cant belive im going to do this but here goes *does a handsign and in a huge poof of smoke stood as a small cute fox kit and gives the cutest face towards fluttershy*
QueenFireSugar's avatar
LadyAniDraws's avatar
Go for it. :3
Link me back when you're done. :D
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