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COM - Forbidden Love (COMIC)

Twilight is a Yaoi fangirl. YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!!!
Fangirls gotta stick together!

It's not..... CREEPY.

Why Shining? For the record..... THE SCRIPT TOLD ME TO!!

Commissioned to N. Tran.

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OK that’s just creepy
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From what I know it is a bad idea to YEET stuff you don't want to be read by people you know in a panic because that never ends well and you can't find it later.

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I am Twlight
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
Im a Yaoi fangirl too :D
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Dayum Intensifies Dayum Intensifies Dayum Intensifies Dayum Intensifies Dayum Intensifies Dayum Intensifies Dayum Intensifies 
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Ha gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy
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Nose bleed. Classic.
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Oh, whickering stallions, Twilight's got it all on for a moment there!
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Why Twilight, you perv.
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Twilight's a yaoi fangirl?

I liek yaoi lmao
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it's weird how Twi's imagining her brother and AJ's brother in the story, while the cover shows the protagonists are two random colts
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I always imagined she'd be the fujoshi.

hell I bet she ships tirek and discord
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SALT--WATER's avatar no..this is creepy stuff.
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I don't know what to think...
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This is FiMFiction Writing, I Just Know It
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panel 4: no, just no. i know its easy to make puns with your own name if they r already real words, but...
i kinda forgot what i was about to say :)
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why the nose bleed i never got that.
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