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COM - Food Off! (COMIC)

Commission to: N Tran.



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I agree with Fluttershy there! ;-)

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I in for food 🥘
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Was this a reference to the Equestria Girls Minis Set?
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So... did YOU come up with the idea yourself?
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Only one way to settle this....PREPARE KITCHEN STADIUM!!!!  IT"S IRON CHEF TIME!!!
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Raven: ..... Sushi versus.... tacos?
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I saw this episode of Ranma 1/2.  Good episode.
Well, as long as everybody gets fed, that seems to all be in order.
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Soooooo...who's Ranma in this situation?

Ukyo was Ranma’s childhood friend, so Sunburst.

He already has the red-orange hair, but Flurry Heart is going to have to use her alicorn magic to turn him female before he/she will go to a slumber party and let the little princess braid it.

Fluttershy is Kasumi in this picture, especially the last line. Pinkie Pie, as always, takes a minute to explain. Kuno has a younger sister named Kodachi, who has a pet alligator named ”Mr. Turtle.” Pinkie Pie has a pet alligator named Gummy, but she doesn’t seem very “Oh ho ho ho ho” until she goes into “Cupcakes” mode. Did you read Cupcakes? Anyway, it involves sleeping potion, one of Kodachi’s specialties, in a cupcake instead of a bouquet of flowers. Equestria Girls Maud has a crush on female Sunburst, “the pigtailed goddess,” but regularly attacks “Sunburst, you wretch!” with a wooden sword.

Twilight takes even longer to explain, since there are two of her. Sunset Shimmer is Shampoo in this picture, SciTwi is Mousse. She has been secretly in love with Sunset since the friendship games, but ends up confessing to the wrong person because she is blind without her glasses. Sunset’s sushi business eventually earns enough to open The Pony Cafe, similar to the Cat Cafe, where Mousse/SciTwi works for free for the chance to be near her. The Pony Cafe has a lost of authentic Equestrian decor, including some relics Twilight brings over. This makes Twilight a very young Cologne, teaching Sunburst/Ranma techniques and bringing semi-magical ”amazon treasure” plot devices. Spike is Happosai, some people think he should date Twilight/Cologne, but nothing is happening there.

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Shouldn't Sunset be making Ramen (or Tanmen, or Chaahan, or Chaashumen) ? :) 

Probably, but since instant cup is like the cheapest food item in our world, there is no way for her to make profit.

Some places have actual restaurants where the noodles are made from scratch and the broth is nutritiout and has actual meat and vegetables in it.

Canterlot High is not one of those places and the average high school student either won’t be able to taste the difference or pay for higher quality.

However, even they know better than to trust cheap sushi... weren’t “the Dazzlings” sirens and therefore part fish?

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It's on, FOOD WAR!!! :XD:
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It's only Food Wars if somebody (or somepony) has a Foodgasm. 
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Okay, what? :XD:
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Japan, you're weird even by our standards. :XD:
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I haven't watched the anime...

...but I want to. It looks awesome!
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Don't know who I want to win. I like Sunset better but Glimmer is dressed like Ukyo.
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