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COM - Flower Power (COMIC)

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Commission to: N Tran!

Had to redo this comic cause computer issues, but yeah, it's finally here!

The CMC's "make" a new friend. :D


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- Miss Trini | AniRichie 2016
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Is that how he's beaten in the game?
Detah-Ramet's avatar
I mean, that is technically how he was beaten.
SashaArtheart's avatar
If this happened in real life
I'mma just get slaughtered by him
Sailor-Rebecca's avatar
Friendship is always the answer.
Agent0Fluffy's avatar
Why is Sweetie Belle smiling when Flowey said murder?
Rainbow-Gale's avatar
That's what I want to know.
Chiyawa's avatar
Well, guess Sweetie knows how to deal with a psychopath maybe? She might be plotting how to torture Flowey.

Judging by the end, when Flowey said no more Friendship song, I guess Sweetie Belle had torture it with her poor singing back in Season 3 or 4 (Sleepless in Ponyville).
kabhes's avatar
the only thing twilight knows is friendship CX
Well, it was either incessant songs or a rainbow-colored death ray, and we don't have the rainbow-colored death ray handy.
templar127's avatar
Flowey has NOTHNG against Sweetie Belle's songs!!!
Supafoxxeh's avatar
I wish I had a tissue badge to give you.

You know, for your computer issues.

OOO OOO OOO If you had a computer issue badge, and I had a tissue badge, then we could trade and I'm really good at fixing computer issues, with or without tissues, so I could fix the computer issue badge, and give it back and... Wow, I wish the world worked that way.

But if it did, I'd let you keep the tissue badge. I dun wannit.
megabob12's avatar
I fully expected Twi to set it on fire from off-panel.
Bronymeister's avatar
Looks like someone is 'having a bad time', eh?
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Ah, how I feel after an "all songs" episode.

With a few exceptions.
MusicalArtNinja's avatar
Flowey like to murder? 😞👉🔫🔪💣
ShadowBr0ny's avatar
Sorry Flowey but they are going to love and tolerate the (yay) out you and there is nothing you can do about it.
Alfadorfox's avatar
In this world, it's sing or be sung to.
BrightsideJames's avatar
MAS Twilight "Not going to kill you. I am going to get Asriel out of you then present him to Celestia as my report on the magic of friendship."
Flowery "If you don't kill me I will..."
Twilight "Shut up. There is nothing you can do that I have not had worse in magic kindergarten. I was sent to Tarturs for a field trip, not a punishment. A FIELD TRIP! No one to keep me safe. No spells to make sure I came back unharmed or alive. That was just an idea my teacher (the sun goddess) had one day. So you see how there is nothing you can do that is near as bad as that. The only thing you can do to ease your suffering is cooperate."
AJR001's avatar
Looks like Flowey couldn't take it... :XD:
Lemme guess. They gave him friendship pellets. XD..... f****** degenerate.......
probirdbrain's avatar
wait, how did flowey knock on the door if he has no arms
Rainbow-Gale's avatar
Maybe used the pot it's in.
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